Netflix Original Movie ‘Special Correspondents’ Review

Review Ethan / 2023-04-25 18:30:14

This isn’t Netflix’s first foray into the comedy movie scene but it may just be the first time it has been a good comedy movie added. We’re looking at you The Ridiculous 6.

Eric Bana stars as a charismatic journalist and Ricky Gervais plays chief radio engineer.

The pair (of breasts, not balls) pick up a story to go to Ecuador in the midst of a civil war but don’t actually end up going opting instead to reporting from the frontline in the comfort of their home after a mishap with their passports, tickets and cash too.

Let’s not forget the great supporting cast too with Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera killing it as Brigida who along with Raúl Castillo are the hosts of the two reporters and add some hilarious lines to and otherwise fairly serious movie.

Initial impressions are pretty good for the movie for me at least, it’s heavy on story and has excellent production values which is what you come to expect from a Netflix production and indeed, a Ricky Gervais movie too. It’s not particularly heavy on humour relying on its concept instead and for the most part is seems to be working for me at least.

A few twist and turns also make the movie particularly the looming twist where Frank (Bana) sleeps with Ian’s (Gervais) wife before breaking up with him spurring him on. The hints come subtle throughout and the whole film is then about them building upon the multiple lies that’ve been laid down and get even more tangled as the film progresses.

Gervais likes to include a moral message in his films. This movie is a strong reminder to people not to believe all that they hear. Other news outlets take the lie as truth and pick up on it.

We enjoyed the movie's pace and found it to be very enjoyable. It’s not over dramatic when compared against the type of comedy that Netflix has targeted with the likes of Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This movie feels grounded, and we believe it is the best Netflix Original Comedy movie. It's probably even second to Beasts of No Nation.


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