Netflix Original Romance ‘All the Bright Places’: Plot, Cast, Trailer & Netflix Release Date

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Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places is finally coming to Netflix on a device near you in February 2020. The wait was incredibly long, but book lovers of this beloved novel for young adults will finally be satisfied. All the Bright Places is available on Netflix. We provide all the details, such as the trailer and plot.

All the Bright Places, a Netflix Original Romance-Drama, is based on the novel of the same title by Jennifer Niven. Niven received writing credit for the book, but also wrote the screenplay along with Liz Hannah (The Post). Brett Haley (who previously directed Hearts Beat Loud) will direct the film. All the Bright Places will be an interesting conversation topic due to its emphasis on bipolar disorder and mental health. The second Original of 2020 will focus on mental disorders, the first being Spinning Out.

What is the Netflix release date of All the Bright Places?

All the Bright Places will be available on Netflix starting February 28, 2020.

Are All the Bright Places available for streaming in my area?

The romance drama is available as a Netflix Original in every region.

How do you describe the plot of All the Bright Places

Netflix has provided the following summary:

The story of Violet Markey and Theodore Finch, who meet and change each other’s lives forever. As they struggle with the emotional and physical scars of their past, they come together, discovering that even the smallest places and moments can mean something.

What are the members of All the Bright Places' cast?

These cast members were confirmed to All the Bright Places.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Violet Markey Elle Fanning Super 8 | The Neon Demon | Maleficent
Kate Alexandra Shipp X-Men: Apocalypse | X-Men: Dark Phoenix | Love, Simon
Amanda Virginia Gardner Project Almanac | Halloween | Runaways
Theodore Finch Justice Smith Pokemon Detective Pikachu | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom | The Get Down
Embry Keegan-Michael Key Keanu | Let’s Be Cops | Tomorrowland: A World Beyond
James Luke Wilson Old School | The Royal Tenenbaums | Bottle Rocket
Demi Nicole Forester Chicago Fire | Boss | Guiding Light
Charlie Lamar Johnson The Hate U Give | Kings | The Next Step
Roamer Felix Mallard Neighbours | Happy Together
Sheryl Kelli O’Hara Sex and the City 2 | Numb3rs | The Accidental Wolf

Elle Fanning had already been confirmed as the star of Violet Markey's role months before it was published. The actress was the author Jennifer Niven’s first choice for the lead role.

Why was it so difficult to create All the Bright Places in such a short time?

The project's history is lacking in detail. This is especially true since it was first announced in 2014.

There are many reasons why production may be delayed, including a lack funding or scheduling problems.

After principal photography was started in October 2018, the film wrapped in January 2019. It was still in post production for most of 2018 before the announcement was made that the film would be completed by November 5, 2019.

We’re expecting All the Bright Places to be extremely popular, especially amongst the book fans and fans of similar films like All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Elle Fanning and Justice Smith on set for All the Bright Places – Copyright. Echo Lake Entertainment

Filming took place where?

One location was confirmed as suitable for filming, and it was Cleveland Ohio USA.

How long is All the Bright Places' official time limit?

All the Bright Places is expected to run for 108 minutes, according to confirmation.

How do you rate your parents?

All the Bright Places in the United States will have a rating of PG13. The United Kingdom subscribers can expect to receive a rating of 12 for parental protection.

Are All the Bright Places available for streaming in 4K?

All Netflix Originals must be streamable in 4K. Therefore, All the Bright Places can be streamed in 4K.

Alexandra Shipp and Justice Smith on set for All the Bright Places – Copyright. Echo Lake Entertainment

Are there plans for a sequel to All the Bright Places'?

As of the writing date, All the Bright Places is not being rewritten.

This is because Jennifer Niven wrote only one story featuring these characters. The second reason is that the story itself doesn’t need a second film or book, you’ll understand what this means upon watching.

Is it exciting to see All the Bright Places released? Please let us know your excitement in the comments section below.


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