Netflix Original Series ‘La Mante’ Leaving in December 2021

Review Ethan / 2022-09-13 22:55:48

Netflix will soon lose the French thriller series La Mante which also translates to The Mantis (although Netflix doesn’t use this title in any region). On December 29, 2021, all six episodes of La Mante will be removed from Netflix worldwide.

The original French series aired on TF1 but was eventually made available on Netflix in most regions. The series was produced by Septembre Production and AB International Distribution. It starred a serial killer, who offered his help in solving a string copycat murders.

There were six episodes total of La Mante, each running for approximately 55 minutes. Netflix made the series available in French with subtitles and dubs for German Spanish Italian Portuguese. Although English subtitles can be found, there is no English dub.

Around the time of release, iNews gave the series a thumbs up saying “it’s a show that definitely merits a watch” adding that the show is comparable to the likes of Mindhunter, Hannibal, and The Sinner.

Stephen King, who is known for making excellent Netflix recommendations in the past, gave his thumbs up to the series.

Now, four years later, the series is set to depart Netflix in full in most regions including the US and UK on December 29th with a “last day to watch” notification showing for December 28th.

la mante leaving netflix

Removal notice showing on La Mante – Picture; Screencap/

Netflix: Why has La Mante left?

If you’re wondering why La Mante is leaving Netflix, it comes down to licensing. Netflix purchased the streaming rights to La Mante's Netflix Original for a fixed period. This case was four years.

As we’ve covered, lots of Netflix Originals have been removed from the service over the years but it’s worth noting that this process does seem to be speeding up.

We saw earlier this year that Netflix had removed The Frozen Dead from its streaming service.

It is best to catch up as soon as possible, because once a title leaves Netflix it becomes very difficult to legally watch online. Most fail to locate new streaming sites.

Have you seen La Mante on Netflix yet? Comment below to let us know.


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