Netflix Original Series ‘Marching Orders’ Leaving Netflix in August 2021

Review Ethan / 2022-07-29 00:51:45

Three years ago, Marching Orders was added to Netflix.

The short film series was released on August 3, 2018. It featured twelve 10-minute episodes. They follow the Bethune-Cookman University marching band.

Netflix will end the streaming service globally for this show on August 3, 2021.

Gigantic Productions produced the series! Stage13 distributed the series to Netflix worldwide. They’re the same distributor of Cooking on High which is another Netflix Original series that has recently departed. They also distribute other Netflix Originals which could face removal in the future including It’s Bruno! Special, which wrapped its second season in May 2021), and It's Bruno! (which are currently in limbo following season 1).

Gigantic! Productions is based in New York City and they’ve since gone on to produce the 2019 documentary Parkland Rising directed by Cheryl Horner.

This show joins a growing number of Netflix Originals titles which are now gone. Happy Valley, The Killing and Slasher are some of the most prominent titles on that list. Netflix faces a dilemma here as they have to not only replace the outgoing license content, but also their Original library titles.

Netflix has another cheerleading series called Cheer, which debuted in January 2020. It received much more media attention than the original and is now available on Netflix. One of the show's stars was taken into custody, putting an end to the series.

We’ve reached out to the production company behind the show to see where we’ll be able to catch Marching Orders next and will let you know if we hear more. We’d also recommend following the Facebook page for the show which saw some activity back in April.

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