Netflix Original ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ Preview

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“For the Honour of Greyskull” It’s been 30 years since She-Ra made her debut in The Secret of the Sword. Three decades later, the series will be relaunched with She-Ra as the warrior princess. Dreamworks Animation's She-Ra and Princesses Of Power will be available on Netflix from November 16th.

Unless you’re a fan of Masters of the Universe or you grew up in the 80’s you’d be forgiven if you are unsure as to who the character of She-Ra is. Originally debuting in the 1985 film The Secret of the Sword she was introduced as Princess Adora the long-lost sister of Prince Adam. Like her brother, she could summon the power of Greyskull by chanting “For the honor of Greyskull!” Through this chant, Princess Adora would transform into the legendary Princess of Power, She-Ra.

She-Ra became a well-known character and a television series was made for her. It aired for three seasons, with 93 episodes in total.

The plot is it?

When she was a little girl, Princess Adora lost her mother and was adopted by Hordak, the ruler of Planet Etheria. Unbeknowest to Adora, Hordak is a tyrant that rules the planet with an iron fist, using his evil horde to keep the citizens in check. Adora discovers a magical sword while walking through the woods. This transforms her to She-Ra, the Princess of Power. Through the power of the of She-Ra, Adora realizes the atrocities that Hordak has caused on the people. Escaping from Hordak’s clutches Adora joins a resistance force of other magical princesses to create the Princess Alliance.

Which actor is part of the cast?

Role Actress/Actor Where have I heard/seen them before?
Princess Adora / She Ra Aimee Carrero Elana of Avalor, The Last Witchhunter, Blindspot
Modulok Joe Amato Female Friendly, True Nightmares, For Colored Girls
Scorpia Lauren Ash The Disaster Artist, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Lars and the Real Girl
Hordak Keston John The Good Place, 24, Avengers Assemble
Catra AJ Michalka Super 8, Steven Universe, The Lovely Bones
Netossa Krystal Joy Brown Victor Crowley, Castle, Law & Order
Kyle Antony Del Rio Injustice 2, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Star Wars Resistance
Seahawk Jordan Fisher Moana, Until Dawn, Bones
Glimmer Karen Fukuhara Suicide Squad, The Boys, The Lost


Is He-Man coming to visit?

He-Man has not been confirmed to make a guest appearance. He-Man was seen in every episode of She-Ra, Warrior Princess.

She-Ra & He-Man

What number of episodes are there?

With 13 episodes, the first season of The Walking Dead will be broadcast. The 13 episodes will all air simultaneously on Netflix.

What has changed in animation?

The studio's focus on She-Ra the warrior and not her body played a major role in this change in art style. When the first images came were released, some fans of the original She-Ra design were disappointed by the new look.

Numerous artists, including many young ladies, submitted artwork online depicting She-Ra. Inspired by She-Ra’s new look, these artists had drawn the Princess of Power in the same style as that of the new series.

Do you have a trailer?

Last week, the last trailer was released!

What is the date of release?

She-Ra, the Princesses Of Power will be released on Friday, 16 November.

Is there a second season?

Even before the show's release, it already had a strong fan base. While some might boycott the new design due to its controversial nature, others have come out in support. The show already has a strong following, which could allow for more seasons.

Dreamworks is well known for the number of children’s shows they have produced over the years. We would be shocked if they didn’t produce more seasons so we wholeheartedly expect the show to get a season 2.

Do you feel excited about She-Ra or the Princesses Of Power? Comment below to let us know your excitement for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power!



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