Netflix Release Schedule for ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Season 3

Review Ethan / 2023-04-24 17:30:01

The Gecko brothers have returned and are out to fight with some of the worst baddies. The USA released all ten episodes in season 2, but season 3 is expected to be available on a weekly basis.  Based on Robert Rodriguez's original movie, the TV series featured Quentin Tarantino and Juliette Lewis. Quite a cast. The casting for the television series is also strong, so be prepared to see plenty of horror and crime at a pleasant pace.

Although the series is not an original Netflix Original, it is considered first-run Netflix Original. This means that it is first aired in one country. El Ray is this instance. The series will premiere there on Tuesday, and it will then be available exclusively on Netflix in certain regions on the next day. These areas include Canada, Latin America and Belgium as well as France, Germany (UK/Ireland), India, Italy, Spain, and France.

What date will new episodes of From Dusk Till Dawn be available on Netflix? Here’re your answers.

Episode 1 – airs 6th September AMC, 7th September elsewhere Episode 2 – 13th September AMC, 14th September elsewhere Episode 3 – 20th September AMC, 21st September elsewhere Episode 4 – 27th September AMC, 28th September elsewhere Episode 5 – 4th October AMC, 5th October elsewhere Episode 6 – 11th October AMC, 12th October elsewhere Episode 7 – 18th October AMC, 19th October elsewhere Episode 8 – 25th October AMC, 26th October elsewhere Episode 9 – 1st November AMC, 2nd November elsewhere Episode 10 – 8th November AMC, 9th November elsewhere

The following list assumes that there are no seasons breaks, which could push forward episode release dates by one week.

We have good and bad news for those who don't have access to El Ray in the United States. The show's third season of From Dusk Till Dawn will be on Netflix. However, the entire season won't be available until August 2017, as we expect. It's a lengthy wait.


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