Netflix Reportedly Looking to Stream ‘Seinfeld’ from 2021

Review Ethan / 2022-11-21 13:40:46

With two major sitcoms scheduled to leave Netflix over the next two years, it’s been reported that Netflix could be in the bidding war for Seinfeld which is scheduled to leave Hulu in 2021.

Deadline has a report that discusses how HBO Max currently looks into getting Two and a Half-Men and The Big Bang Theory streaming for its next-year launch.

These shows are Chuck Lorre's and were huge hits at CBS. Netflix carries The Big Bang Theory exclusively in most international regions but isn’t expected to be in the mix for streaming it in the United States now that its TV run has concluded.

HBO Max has a deal in place for these shows that will cost around $1 Billion.

The article also touches upon Seinfeld, and the possibility that Netflix could soon lose two of its most popular sitcoms to take the streaming rights from Hulu. Friends will be leaving Netflix January 2020, while The Office (NBC) is set to depart January 2021.

Netflix has a relationship with Jerry Seinfeld so it would be logical to host the sitcom. Netflix has just released the latest season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, with a few stand-up specials planned for the future.

Seinfeld was first available on Hulu in 2015. It was part of a multiyear agreement.

According to the article, two streamers have been spotted looking at the series and saying:

“I hear Sony TV has pitched the show to multiple streamers, including HBO Max and Netflix. I hear there is no asking price that the distribution company is floating but they likely are targeting a deal of a size similar to that for fellow 1990s Must See TV tentpole Friends in the red-hot marketplace. That would be a major premium over the reported $130+ million Seinfeld‘s current Hulu deal pays.”

Ellie said that Seinfeld was a good fit for HBO Max, but suggested they might be spending too much on these shows. Deadline reported that Hulu is unlikely to renew due to its focus on Fox, FX and ABC shows.

Are you a believer that Netflix should acquire an older series like Hulu, to replace Friends or The Office? Or should Netflix continue producing its own shows? Comment below.


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