Netflix secures ‘The Interview’ for streaming on January 24th

Review Ethan / 2023-05-05 23:34:05

We reported earlier in the month that Netflix was in negotiations with Sony for the right to stream The Interview via its streaming service. In any ordinary circumstances we wouldn’t see the release date on Netflix until long after the movie has been in theatres and released onto DVD. The Interview's case is a completely different story. The movie was released in a few theatres and received a limited VoD distribution. However, that figure seems to be declining as media coverage of the entire fiasco decreases.

We reported that Netflix wanted to stream the movie exclusively and it looks like they’ve got their wish. In a shareholders letter today it announced that on January 24th it’ll be streaming the movie instantly on its library in the US and Canada. It’s unknown whether other regions will be added to this release. However, it beats Amazon and Hulu who both reported being interested in the title.

Comedy The Interview centers on the plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with fake interviews. Starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, it is an amusing comedy. The flick received mixed reviews from critics, but many people enjoyed it.


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