Netflix to Adapt Rick Riordan’s ‘Kane Chronicles’ into Movies

Review Ethan / 2022-10-16 08:32:05

Fans of Rick Riordan’s novels have even more to look forward to in the near future. With the announcement that Percy Jackson is heading to Disney+, Netflix has since acquired the movie adaptation rights to Riordan’s other exciting novels, Kane Chronicles.

Rick Riordan, via his website and social media, announced that Netflix was adapting The Kane Chronicles to movies.

The Red Pyramid, the first book in The Trilogy of Books was published in 2010. The Throne of Fire was released the following year in 2011, and the final book, The Serpent’s Shadow arrived in May 2012.

netfli to adapt rick riordans kane chronicles into films books

The Kane Chronicles is inspired by mythology from ancient civilisations, which is similar to Percy Jackson. This story is about the ancient Egyptians, and their gods.

This story is set in modern day, where Carter Kane and Sadie Kane, their siblings, are adopted by Uncle Amos following the disappearance of their father Julius (egyptologist). Upon learning of their family’s rich heritage of magic, the sibling pair also learn that they have been chosen as “hosts” for the Egyptian gods Horus and Isis, respectively. Carter and Sadie soon find themselves in danger from an Egyptian magician order. They are soon forced to flee the country.

It’s unknown when the first film, The Red Pyramid, will begin production. As the announcement has only just been made, we’ll be lucky to see the first of the exciting new trilogy arrive on Netflix before 2022.

Netflix: Is Percy Jackson on the way?

Percy Jackson, as we mentioned briefly above will be exclusive to Disney+.

Each story's characters reside in the same universe as the books. Percy Jackson is not in Kane Chronicles.

Riordan wrote a few short stories which saw the crossover of Percy Jackson's Kane Chronicles and Riordan's.

Is there anything you are excited about the Netflix Adaptation of the Kane Chronicles Comment below to let us know your excitement about the Netflix Adaptation of The Kane Chronicles!


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