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"Two", a Spanish horror film, is about a wicked plot. Unknown strangers find themselves in a room together and discover to their dismay that they're attached. They struggle to comprehend their bizarre situation and slowly discover the identity of the criminal behind it.

Mar Targarona's horror-thriller is as tense as its director and leaves viewers as puzzled as the main characters. Near the end, there are some shocking revelations. You've been left curious about Sara and David's fates and what their motives were, so we have you covered. The ending to "Two" is explained. SPOILERS BEFORE.

A Synopsis of Two Plots

The movie opens in an elaborate bedroom. David and Sara awaken in the morning, lying on their backs. Soon, they realize that something is amiss and begin to regain consciousness. But they lie close to one another, unable to tear apart and realizing that they have been stuck together all along. Sara starts to panic, pulling away from Sara. Both of them feel the pain. After further investigations, when both Sara and her husband gingerly reached down to feel their abdomens they realized that they were actually stitched together, the two of them began to panic.

They notice a phone in their room and they both painfully move towards it. They do find a camera in one wall, even though the phone is not working. Sara suspects David and believes he planned it all. She slowly comes to realize that Mario, her jealous husband is behind the sadistic plan. David also confirmed that Mario had offered him money for his marriage to a man she matched. While they search for more, they find a photograph of Rita (a young girl) on one the side tables.

By digging into each others' pasts it becomes clear that David is a male-escort while Sara is married and cheating on her husband. When the two victims come closer to each other and then finally kisses, suddenly all the lights go out in the room. Sara discovers their captor doesn't like them kissing so she keeps her lips locked with David. The two of them become increasingly passionate until an elderly man disguised in disguise enters the room and commands them to stop.

There are two endings: Are Sara and David dead? Are Sara and David Stitched together?

Sara declares that the stranger pretends to be her husband. David, however, confirms that this is indeed the man who gave Sara the money. Their captor is defeated and they escape to a bedroom. They eventually reach a mysterious laboratory. The wall is covered in newspaper clips about the births of two conjoined twins, and they slowly realize this. Desperately, they find a sharp knife to begin connecting the abdominals.

Sara eventually manages to escape while David lies on the ground bleeding from an injury suffered by their captor. Sara realizes, though, that the two of them are trapped outside in a snowy, remote area and have no way to get help. David is found dead inside the film, and Sara dies from the effects of the cold outside.

This movie concludes with Sara and David's last moments. The two main characters seem almost dead. It is foreshadowed also by the words spoken by the stranger who captured them. He says in his last moments that they should not be separated, because they're stronger together.

Ironicly, Sara and David are kept alive by the same excruciating stitches they use to hold each other together. It is more metaphorical than logical, since we soon see how the twins end their physical connection (the stitches). From the news articles it is revealed that Sara and David were conjoined twins. The film gives hints about how stronger they were together.

Actually, their whole purpose for going through all this is a bizarre idea of the stranger who claimed to be their dad. When Sara explains briefly to David the cosmic significance and how the idea of duality has many universal implications, the stranger gets obsessed about reuniting their twins. He believes Sara and David should again be joined, so the stranger abducts them and does a horrific surgery that ties them up.

Rita, who are you? Who is Sara and David kidnapped?

Rita is the young girl whose photograph is found in the sideboard. Sara discovers that Rita's earrings are her own and she takes them off with disgust. It is shown that Rita, David and Sara are actually their mother. She died in childbirth. Although Sara insists that her father is dead, it is possible that Sara is speaking of her adoptive parents.

So the stranger who claims he is Rita's husband and thus their father may be right. He would be keen to reconnect his offspring, which could also explain the man's desire to do so. From what we know, David and Sara were kidnapped and taken by their father. This is because he believes his conjoined twins must be reunited. We know that the old man had been plotting the experiment since he accumulated a large collection of animals which he has joined in the same way by sewing them together.


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