‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 2: Coming to Netflix in July 2021 & What We Know So Far

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In July 2021, Never Have I Ever will return to Netflix with a second season! Here’s the latest on everything we know so far about season two of Never Have I Ever including some exclusive details of new characters, production updates, and most imprtantly, the confirmed Netflix release date.

Mindy Kaling, Lang Fisher and Lang Fisher created Never Have I Ever, a Netflix Original comedy series about coming-of age. Original Series is loosely inspired by Kaling's own childhood experiences.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Breakout's breakout star, made her TV debut playing Devi. She gave an outstanding performance. The young Canadian-Tamil star can be expected to appear in numerous projects.

Is Netflix renewing Never Have I Ever?

Netflix Official Renewal Status: Renew (Last Updated 07/01/2020).

Never Have I Never was renewed by Netflix on July 1, 2020, after three months.

The announcement was accompanied by a quick Zoom call where Meitreyi announced alongside her co-stars that we’d be getting a season two plus revealed her new bangs.

You may already know that Netflix base their renewals on how many subscribers tune in to view an Original Series. It is important to consider the following factors when renewing a series:

  • Did you watch every episode?
  • What number of accounts have rewatched this series?
  • Subscribers who quit after one episode
  • The number of subscribers who didn’t finish the season

Never Have I Ever is a popular series on Netflix. It is currently among the top three most-watched TV series on Netflix worldwide, both in April 2020 and May 2020.

Never Have I ever season 2 Netflix production status and release date

Current Production Status: Post-production. (Last Updated: 20/04/2021).

In October 2020, we were informed that season 2 filming would take place in Los Angeles from November 10th to November 24th 2020. That’s a relatively short production time but could be delayed further if there are problems with COVID-19 on set. Variety later confirmed this.

There were only a handful of indications that November 2020 was filming, including some BTS Stories on Instagram.

Thanks to the release of the second season’s trailer it has not been confirmed that Never Have I Ever returns on Thursday, July 15th, 2021.

Is there anything we can expect to see in the next season?

The finale of Never Have I Ever left us wondering what will happen in season two and we’ll get onto our predictions in a second but first, let’s cover what we know.

We’re able to reveal that the production is recruiting two new co-star roles, one guest star role, and a recurring guest star too.

They include:

  • Dimple – ” A small, grandmotherly woman, Dimple is a sweet, caring widow who lives alone in Chennai, India with only her birds. She is the antithesis of Nalini’s mother.”
  • Charu – “mother who’s a larger than life, fabulous, woman-about-town in Chennai, India”
  • Nirmay – “A quiet, respectful man who is often overshadowed by his larger-than-life wife.”
  • Sasha – “The plus-sized and effortlessly cool kid who is friends with Eve (Christina Kartchner).”

Cast members are now available for season 2 of Never Have I Ever

We were informed of the arrival of one of the new cast members on December 10, 2020. Tyler Alvarez has been confirmed as a part of Never Have I Ever season 2 in a regular role. Tyler will play the role of Malcom described as a “young Hollywood type”. He’s featured in two previous Netflix series, American Vandal and Orange is the New Black.

Season two will also feature PJ Byrne, who previously appeared in The Boys Big Little Lies and Black Lightning. Megan Suri and Dr. Elgin Peters will be played by John Mawson, who are also part of season 2.

Is there anything that will occur in the second season of Never Have I Ever?

The Devi Love Triangle

Although there were hints throughout Season 1, it wasn't long before Devi and Ben started to get together.

The young couple will be faced with many problems as Ben and Devi are currently together in a relationship. Devi was previously interested in Paxton but, thanks to his sister's encouragement, appears to have a genuine interest in Devi.

Will Paxton be pursuing Devi in season 2? – Copyright. 3 Arts Entertainment

A potential second season would be filled with awkward moments between Devi and Ben, as the two try to figure out their love for one another.

Devi could reject Paxton, which would cause one of several things. It only encourages Paxton to get the girl he wants, while other boys may be interested in Devi. Finally, Sherman High girls who love Paxton might become hostile towards Devi.

Will there be more awkward cinema room moments for Devi and Ben? Copyright. 3 Arts Entertainment

How to move to India with a fractured family

There’s still the matter of whether or not Devi’s mum still wants the family to move to India.

Devi and Nalini were able to settle their differences to spread Mohan’s ashes, but there are still plenty of underlying issues that the pair need to work out together.

Devi desires the approval and love of her mother and to make her proud. Nalini, on the other hand, has had a difficult time raising Devi to become the ideal daughter.

Each have had to deal with Mohan's passing. But hopefully the spread of his ashes will be the catalyst they need to heal their relationship.

Nalini is finally seeing a therapist – Copyright. 3 Arts Entertainment

Kamala will get married?

Kamala and Prashant hit it off when they met for the first time, despite the awkward scenario involving Kamala’s ex-boyfriend Steve.

Kamala and Prashant will likely talk more and maybe start dating like an American couple before getting engaged.

Poor Steve – Copyright. 3 Arts Entertainment

Fabiola’s first love

Fabiola finally came out to her mother and friends, but also unexpectedly, her classmates, and now she has a date for Eve. Eve was her crush on the first season.

Next season will explore Fabiola’s love life with Eve, and we’re likely to see some awkward teenage hilarity as Fabiola is likely to ask dating advice from Elanor and Devi.

Will Eve love the nerdy nature of Fabiola? Copyright. 3 Arts Entertainment

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