New Netflix Original ‘Irreplaceable You’ Is Worth A Watch

Review Ethan / 2023-03-30 01:33:42

There is one compelling reason to tune into new Netflix Original movie Irreplaceable You: the cast.

Netflix’s latest romantic comedy, Irreplaceable You, hit the servers today. It’s a glossy, tidy movie about Abbi and Sam, a couple about to be married and who are expecting a child. Joy turns to horror, however, when they discover the bundle she has been carrying is not a baby but a cancerous tumour. Abbi is faced with her mortality and decides that she will spend the rest of her time looking for the right person to be her partner.

The Cast

The movie is a sweet love story, something we have all seen before, but the acting is fresh and they work well together. You should really watch the actors.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Abbi. Black Mirror may have seen her. She’s a magnetic actress that has starred in some big titles including playing the title character in Belle and playing Plumette in Beauty and the Beast.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Michiel Huisman portrays Sam, the fiancée. He has been in many well-known titles including Game of Thrones (Daario Naharis) and The Age of Adaline.

Michiel Huisman

The terrific surprise here is the supporting cast. The movie's best moments are with Abbi, and her co-stars.

Timothy Simons (Veep) is great as the no-nonsense but ultimately personable nurse.

Timothy Simons

The support group Abbi attends is filled with great actors. It’s where the movie shines.

Steve Coogan is the leader of the crochet support group, who insists the work they do isn’t a metaphor.

Steve Coogan

Kate McKinnon, the positive member of her denial regarding her diagnosis is Kate McKinnon. Her energy is amazing.

Kate McKinnon

Christopher Walken, a member Abbi is most close to and spends the majority of her time with, is Christopher Walken.

Christopher Walken

The cast also includes:

  • Tamara Tunie
  • Jacki Weaver
  • Brian Tyree Henry

The story of Irreplaceable you is about what we do for those we love. The movie is lighthearted and not too sentimental. It’s a pretty movie with a satisfying ending. Sometimes that’s all we need.

Did you watch the film? Did you like it? Comment below.


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