The Harder they Fall II: Cast, trailer and release date.

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Idris Elba's second Western for Netflix this year, The Harder They Fall, is streaming now – having arrived on the platform on Wednesday 3rd November 2021.

There was much talk about a sequel after the film's action-packed ending.

This star-studded Western's second installment will arrive. Were you expecting the second installment of this star-studded Western? Let's get to know all about The Harder They Fall 2. We will also discuss casting information and characters.

Do you have plans to make a sequel? The Harder They Fall 2

Jaymes Samuel is the director of Netflix’s The Harder They Fall series and he has confirmed that he will be making another installment.

Samuel shared his thoughts with Esquire on the possibility that there might be room for another film. Wide, wide, wide open. My goal is to return in order to continue making films as part of the Cowboy Cinematic Universe (CCU). TrudySmith to me is the best. TrudySmith. TrudySmith. The Old West will be my constant companion.

Do you have plans to create a sequel for The Harder They Fall.

Never mind a sequel – ahead of The Harder They Fall's debut, Samuel told Slash Film that he always envisioned the film as the first part in a trilogy, meaning there could well be a prequel on the cards.

The Harder They Fall was the book. I have always wanted to see the Old West. The Harder They Fall has always been a trilogy to me. "It was a prequel" and "sequel," he said.

In the exact same fashion as The Harter They Falls, The Harder These Fall did not end. It's because "I'm coming back, I am returning," he stated. This is what you should be watching.

The Harder they Fall 2 will release on the following date.

However, The Harder They Fall 2 still has not been given the go ahead. We will keep fans updated on a release date.

The Harder They Fall 2 cast members and characters

We will be welcomed by familiar faces even if cast members have not been revealed.

While actors such as Jonathon Minors (Nat Love), Zazie Betetz (Mary Fields), and Regina King(Trudy Smith), are certain to be back, IdrisElba (star of the show) seems unlikely to come back given Rufus Buck’s fate at the beginning of his first film.

The harder they fall 2 plot

Harder They Fall 2 would probably continue in the same place Harder They Fall 1 ended.

Nat is able to fulfill his revenge mission and kill Rufus the outlaw, who murdered his parents when he was still young. Nat also has a cross inscribed on his forehead.

Nat fakes his own death and flees the town to live with Mary but, in a big twist, we see "Treacherous" Trudy, Rufus's close associate, watching Nat and Mary – and planning her revenge…

The harder they fall: Nat Love and Rufus Buck were siblings?

For the sequel, a trailer has not been released.

By checking the site often, you can stay up to date with all information regarding The Harder They Fall 2.

The Harder They Fall is streaming on Netflix now – if you've already seen the film, take a look at our The Harder They Fall ending explainer. Do you want to see more? Check out our TV Guide to find more.


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