Andrew Garfield: ‘Tick, Tick… Boom was made in collaboration with ghost of Jonathan Larson’

New on Netflix Ethan / 2021-11-26 08:01:50

Andrew Garfield is emerging as one of the early favourites for next year's Oscar nominations – with his performance as Jonathan Larson in semi-autobiographical musical Tick, Tick… Boom! He's been praised by everyone.

And speaking to and other press ahead of the film's release, Garfield spoke about taking on the role of iconic Rent writer Larson – who passed away aged 35 on the eve of his hit show's debut in 1996.

Garfield stated that the film was made "in collaboration with Jon Larson". He added: "For me, it felt almost like I was in Jon's mind. Like we were hanging out in different chambers of Jon's memory, psyche, imagination – just who he was as a person, and in almost a timeless place.

He added, "And I believe that this kind of thing begins to happen when your are about reach an important milestone in your life." It's when something feels significant, important, scary, or affirming that memories, images, and impressions begin to break down. So, suddenly, you meet all of your demons, all angels, and, of course, the rest. And that's what it felt like being on the inside of it – in that same tradition of All That Jazz, I suppose."

The film is framed in such a way that includes sections both with Larson performing on stage and also going about his everyday life – and Garfield explained that this was interesting in that it essentially allowed him to play two different versions of the character.

He stated, "It's definitely an important distinction," he added. "When we're doing the New York Theatre Workshop stuff he is reliving this very fateful week, but reliving it cellularly, you know – like any good actor or performer does. It allows him to fully indulge in the personality of his fellow performers. And he was always at 11 – even if he was bashing out his Casio at home alone, if a song was coming through him, it was as if he was singing to the back row of the Carnegie Hall.

Lin said that he believes those private, quieter moments are the most precious. Lin has a heart so big it can see through every cell and spill over to the table.

This is how he lives his life. He can't help but live this way in his more intimate moments.

Tick, Tick… BOOM! The movie will debut in UK cinemas Friday 12th of November. It will also be available on Netflix Friday 19th of November. Visit our Movies hub for more news and features or find something to watch tonight with our TV Guide.


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