‘Our Planet’ Announced in 4K and Exclusive to Netflix

Review Ethan / 2023-05-04 12:33:37

The BBC's spectacular environment and nature programs are some of the best documentaries ever seen on TV. Frozen Planet and Planet Earth have produced stunning visuals, and Netflix is looking to do the same. Instead of going out creating a team they’ve actually gathered most of the same team who works on Frozen Planet and Planet Earth to create a new set called Our Planet.

It promises to break boundaries with regards to the technology behind the series as it’ll become one of the first documentaries entirely shot in 4K technology which will then be streamed through Netflix. The same technology has only been seen recently with The Hobbit, the future Avatar sequels and Netflix’s own House of Cards. Netflix will double its investment in the technology to continue this 4k increase.

This announcement is not perfect. Its timescales. These programs aren’t made overnight and a 2019 release date has been allocated to the project.


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