‘Outlander’ Season 5 Coming to Netflix US in May 2022

Review Ethan / 2022-09-02 09:31:42

Outlander season 1-4 is streaming on Netflix USA. Season 6 will air in March 2022. If you’re looking for when both season 5 of Outlander will be on Netflix US, you’ve come to the right place as it’s hitting in May 2022.

The time-traveling drama from the same production company as Netflix’s The Crown has been a fan-favorite since it began airing in 2014 and finally made its way onto Netflix in 2019 with seasons 1 and 2 added in May 2019. Season 3 was added to Netflix's library in December 2019, with season 4 coming in January 2021.

Netflix has the series in all regions except the United States. It also includes Netflix Australia, Canada and India. These regions are receiving weekly Outlander episodes and streaming the entire five season.

Outlander is not on Netflix in the United Kingdom instead the series is available on Prime Video where it’s listed as an “Amazon Exclusive”.

What time will Outlander season 5 be available on Netflix?

Season 5 of Outlander is available in most countries. Netflix Canada and Australia got season 5, while other countries have the option to receive it as a Netflix Original. That’s not the case for the United States, however.

We’ve been able to accurately predict when Netflix US will get new seasons and our prediction on Outlander season four came true when it was added in late January 2021.

Netflix USA gets Outlander season 5 exactly 2 years after the US finale. That means that Netflix US won’t get season 5 of Outlander until May 2022. That means you won’t get to catch up on season 5 before season 6 begins airing in March 2022.

Netflix confirmed this in April, with Outlander Season 5 being confirmed for Netflix US. It will be available on Netflix US May 10, 2022.

What date will Outlander season 6 air on Netflix?

Depending on your location, season 6 will air from March 6, 2022.

We’ve covered it comprehensively when the show will be streaming here but TL;DR is that Netflix US won’t receive season 6 until the middle of 2024 while others will be getting weekly episodes and others will be in late 2022, early 2023.

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