‘Ozark’ Season 3 Renewed at Netflix

Review Ethan / 2023-02-19 21:02:22

After a tease by the show's main star on Twitter yesterday, Ozark was officially confirmed to be part of season 3 of Netflix.

The announcement for season 3 has been slow to come as we’ve now waited just over a month for a third season announcement. Deadline: October 10, 2018, Ozark will be back with the same showrunner as season 2.

We had many questions about Season 2, which we will be able to answer in season 3.


Jason Bateman teases Ozark Season 3 and unveils it

Jason Bateman, who played Marty and is also one of the executive producers and directors for the show teased the third season yesterday. Yesterday's Twitter question was about whether Jason should start working on season 3. There were two choices. The two options were “Yes, absolutely” and “Is this even a question?”.

The tweet suggested a season 3 announcement was just around the corner and as you now know, it’s on the way.

Jason sent a confirmation tweet expressing concern about Marty, which may indicate that more difficulties are in store for the third season.

No date announcement came in today’s announcement but we’re expecting the series to follow the following season’s release schedule and arrive during 2019.

Netflix renews without a second thought

The third season was a no-brainer for Netflix as the series has been a massive success for the streaming service and often compared to be Netflix’s Breaking Bad. Netflix does not release audience data, but the Google Trends analysis showed that the show had a significant increase in its viewership for season 2.

We’ll be back in the next month with a complete preview of season 3 which we’ll keep update right until the release of season 3 including any casting news, story and plot predictions, filming schedules and of course, the release date.

Do you feel excited about season 3 Ozark? Please let us know below.


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