‘Pretty Smart’ Season 2: Canceled After 1 Season on Netflix

Review Ethan / 2023-01-22 23:15:19

Netflix's sitcoms have struggled in recent years. After Pretty Smart was cancelled by Netflix, we now can add it to the list with just one season.

Pretty Smart, a Netflix Original Comedy-Sitcom Series created by Jack Dolgen & Doug Mand. Kourtney Kang, the former executive producer of How I Met Your Mother is one of six executive producers of Pretty Smart. Netflix has struggled to find success in its sitcoms over the years, and while there was potential for Pretty Smart to break Netflix’s sitcom slump, sadly it was never to be.

Chelsea is a Harvard educated intellectual who lives with Claire and three of her eccentric, but loving, roommates in the West Coast.

Netflix has renewed Pretty Smart for Season 2?

Netflix Official Renewal Status: Cancelled. (Last Updated 02/05/2022).

We heard nothing about the future of Pretty Smart for Netflix for months. It was more likely that the show would be cancelled if there were no updates on renewals. Multiple news sources reported that Netflix had canceled the series after just one season.

It was also able to make it onto the Netflix US Top ten List. The show’s time spent in the top ten was only three days, and its highest ranking was eighth place. It failed to stay in any region’s top 10s beyond 11 days (South Africa) suggesting that the show wasn’t a big numbers pull for Netflix off the bat.

We can also look at the IMDb MovieMeter, which tracks the popularity of shows in its database. The popularity of a show can fluctuate between a slight increase in the first week and a sharp decline over the following weeks.

pretty smart imdb movie meter chart

Pretty Smart MovieMeter Graph – Picture: IMDb

Google Trends also suggests that the show's popularity declined rapidly after its debut on Netflix.

google trends for pretty smart netflix

Worldwide Google Trends for Pretty Smart

Reviews weren’t particularly strong for the series either. It currently holds an IMDb rating of 5.9/10.

How can you expect Pretty Smart to return for its second season?

Claire broke up with Dave recently and returned home to kiss Grant her ex Grant. Chelsea was previously dating Grant.

Chelsea was only seconds from snatching Grant a kiss. The situation is made more awkward by the fact that Chelsea wanted to talk to Claire about Grant's budding relationship and whether Claire would be comfortable with her sister dating an ex.

Season 2 will be about Chelsea and Claire's ongoing love triangle with Grant.

What cast members are returning to Pretty Smart Season 2?

We’d have expected the majority, if not all of the cast members of season 1 to return to reprise their roles in Pretty Smart season 2:


  • Chelsea – Emily Osment
  • Solana – Cinthya Carmona
  • Claire – Olivia Macklin
  • Jayden – Michael Hsu Rosen

Assisting roles

  • Grant – Gregg Sulkin
  • Tiffany – Imani Love
  • Jane – Alexandra Scott
  • Johnson – Robert Belushi
  • Nabila – Santana Dempsey
  • Topher – David Gridley
  • Aaron – Kyle Jones

What date can we anticipate a second Netflix season?

There is no speculation about a future series after the cancellation of this series.

Do you want to see Pretty Smart back on Netflix for another season? Comment below to let us know!

After one season,


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