‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ Leaving Netflix in July 2018

Review Ethan / 2023-03-13 18:56:29

Kevin Hart’s BET drama and comedy Real Husbands of Hollywood is currently scheduled to leave Netflix in July 2018 in the United States. Here’s why it’s leaving Netflix and where you can stream it next.

Already July looks set to see a few big departures, including The Real Husbands of Hollywood. Doc Martin is the other major Netflix show that has been cancelled. We recommend you keep checking our pages to stay informed about all developments and changes.

Kevin Hart is an international comedian and parody artist who stars in the show. BET has already aired five seasons of the show, which was a huge success. Netflix could decide to renew its streaming licence for the sixth season, which is why it is currently airing.

All five seasons are scheduled for removal from Netflix on July 8th, 2018

It is definitely going?

Netflix has not yet listed the show as being ending at the stated date. It’s not for definite as it simply means that the title is up for renewal. Netflix could decide to renew the series and add the latest season. More often than not though, Netflix adds these dates when they’re definitely going to be removed.

Will Kevin Hart’s other titles leave Netflix?

As of right now, it’s just Real Husbands of Hollywood that is leaving Netflix. The original stand-up of his will not be leaving the site.

Are you looking for Real Husbands in Hollywood?

Sadly, BET hasn’t quite gotten the hang of streaming in the modern day and age. BET has a streaming option on their website but it’s not ideal. Exstreamist notes of some alternatives for streaming their titles but most aren’t similar to that of the Netflix subscription model.

The other two big streaming platforms aren’t streaming the title either. Hulu does have a placeholder page but doesn’t


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