‘Red Notice’: Netflix Release Date, Trailer & What We Know So Far

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One of Netflix’s most expensive and lavish productions yet is just around the corner. Red Notice will star Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson and if you’re looking for a complete rundown of everything known so far about Red Notice, you’re in the right place.

Red Notice is an upcoming Netflix Original action-comedy-thriller written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. While Red Notice is the first Original to be directed by Thurber, it is the third collaboration between him and actor Dwayne Johnson, who previously starred in Thurber’s Central Intelligence and Skyscraper.

Before Netflix acquired Red Notice, Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures were the first to win the bidding. However, after Universal resisted the idea, Netflix was reportedly fully committed to financing Red Notice. The movie then changed hands.

What is the Red Notice Netflix Release Date?

Red Notice has finally received a release date! Deadline reported that Red Notice will now be streamable on Netflix starting Friday, November 12, 2021.

Red Notice is a Netflix Original that has received high anticipation.

Red Notice: What's the plot?

In order to catch the world’s most wanted art thief, INTERPOL puts out a Red Notice, a global alert for agents across the world.

What are the members of Red Notice's cast?

Red Notice's cast includes some big names.

Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Dwayne Johnson Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle | Moana | Fast & Furious
Ryan Reynolds Deadpool | Buried | 6 Underground
Gal Gadot Wonder Woman | Justice League | Fast & Furious
Ritu Arya The Umbrella Academy | Feel Good | Last Christmas
Chris Diamantopoulos The Three Stooges | Mickey Mouse | Justice League Action
Ivan Mbakop Loop | Victus | The Millennial
Vincenzo Amato Unbroken | Golden Door | Respiro

The names of the roles played by Johnson, Reynolds, and Gadot haven’t been revealed, but their character descriptions have.

Dwayne Johnson will play the role of an INTERPOL agent and is regarded as the world’s greatest tracker. For an actor who feels like he’s starred in everything recently, Red Notice is surprisingly the first Netflix Original for Johnson.

Gal Gadot will portray the world’s greatest art thief. Red Notice will be the Wonder Woman's first Netflix Original.

We’re unsurprised to see that Ryan Reynold’s character in Red Notice is acknowledged as the world’s greatest con-man. Red Notice, Reynolds' second Netflix Original, is also Reynolds' second action Original. Reynolds previously appeared in 6 Underground which was reported to have cost $150 million.

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Ryan Reynolds (left), Dwayne Johnson (center), and Gal Gadot (center right) on the set of Red Notice – Copyright. Flynn Picture Company

How is Red Notice produced?

Official Production Status: After-Production

Red Notice was originally shot in January 2020. However, production was delayed due to the pandemic. Filming was halted from March 2020 to September 2020. Production was safe to resume after safety precautions were taken for cast and crew.

Some cast members finished their roles in October 2020, but the filming was officially completed in Italy on November 18, 2020.

Once Netflix officially won the rights to the movie, it was soon confirmed that production would be handled by Beau Flynn’s studio Flynn Picture Company.

dwayne johnson red notice thurber

Dwayne Johnson (left) and director Rawson Marshall Thurber (right) on the set of Red Notice – Copyright. Flynn Picture Company

Filming took place where?

Two locations were used for filming: Sardina in Italy and Atlanta, Georgia. Most of the filming was done in Atlanta. Only a few weeks of production were held in Italy.

Red Notice trailer available?

It's all good.

The first glimpse we got of Red Notice was in the 2021 film preview where all three of the main stars intro’d Netflix’s 2021 movie slate.

The first glimpse at the movie's leaked trailer was revealed by a tweet that went wrong. Warning: The trailers currently in circulation aren't the highest quality. You might want to wait for the official trailer, which is likely to be soon.

Red Notice will be streamable in 4K.

The vast majority of new Netflix Originals are available to stream in 4K, and Red Notice won’t be an exception.

Red Notice 4K requires a premium Netflix account, 4K devices, and an internet connection that can maintain 25 Mbps.

Red Notice: Will you be streaming it on Netflix? Comment below to let us know!


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