Review of American Auto Episode 3

Review Ethan / 2022-01-05 03:37:01

Payne Motors' executive team is in trouble as they attempt to navigate an awkward conference call. This episode 3 of American Auto. Katherine's indecisiveness leads to the executives trying to figure out a quick solution to an unexpected issue as they discuss the quarter's earnings.

Jack is the unorthodox hero. The crisis is again averted. You can find a full recap of episode 3 here if you didn't catch it. We have everything you need on the finale of American Auto Episode 3. SPOILERS BEFORE!

American Auto Episode Three Recap

Episode 3 of 'American Auto’ is entitled 'Earnings calls'. It begins with Sadie misinterpreting Jack’s gesture to buy her coffee. An executive team prepares for a conference phone call with stakeholders and investors to discuss quarterly earnings. All are concerned about whether the earnings call could cause stock price drops. Cyrus worries about being investigated for insider trade after selling his Payne Motors shares due to poor results.

Katherine is asked by one of the analysts about her latest ideas for improving company performance. Katherine, caught by surprise, promises to make a major announcement near the end. The call continues with Dori, CFO Jin, and Katherine while Katherine and executives try to make a big announcement. Elliot recommends that the labor deal be announced. It is close to being completed, with a few hiccups.

Katherine sends Elliot, Jack to bargain with workers union leaders. Elliot gives the laborers two vacation days more, even though he is authorized to give up to 3 days. Jack tells union leaders they can accept the offer but Katherine would like to make the announcement as soon as possible. The negotiations continue despite the extravagant demands of union leaders. Cyrus and Sadie have to answer the phone.

Sadie announces inadvertently that Katherine is eligible for a $20 million bonus on stock options, causing quite a stir among the conference attendees. Jack is called in to close the deal. Katherine announces the deal, but investors seem unimpressed. Katherine decides to announce that Katherine will be selling the new company car at $10,000. That is significantly less than its production cost.

American Auto Episode 3: Recap and Finale: On Which Side Is Jack?

Jack is an assembly worker at Payne Motors and is elevated to the executive level in episode one. But he has many friends within the auto worker division. Jack felt compelled help the union leaders negotiate their contract terms when they arrived. Jack's plan falls apart when the union leaders take too much. Jack has to pick between executives and auto workers.

Jack ends up doing his job and siding with management. Jack manages the situation which quickly gets out of control. His knowledge of the coming union elections is a benefit to his company. Jack manages to get the deal done in record time. Jack soon realizes that he is not wanted by the assembly workers.

Are Jack and Sadie going to be together?

On the premiere episode, Jack and Sadie have a brief affair. At the time neither of them were interested in having a romantic relationship. Sadie, at the start of episode 3, says that Jack only interests her in working with coworkers. Sadie is able to change her mind at the end of the episode, after she realizes that Jack has lost all his old friends as a result of his new role at the company.

Jack's long work day was over when she offered to buy Jack one of her smoothies. This marked the beginning of their friendship. While they're far away from becoming romantically involved, the friendship was a great start.


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