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Paul Verhoeven’s film 'Benedetta’, a biographical drama in French language tells of Benedetta Carlini. She is an Italian nun who has an affair and becomes an influential figure at her convent. This period movie, which is based upon Judith C. Brown's book Immodest Acts, A Life of a Lesbian Nun. Set in 17th Century Italy.

With a captivating narrative and raw visual style, this movie addresses the topics of faith and devotion. At the end of the film, viewers will have to question whether the character's claimed divine experiences are true. You can only imagine the end. This article covers everything about the ending of Benedetta. You will find everything about Benedetta's final scene here. BEWARE!

Benedetta Plot Synopsis

"Benedetta,"opens with the arrival in Pescia of Benedetta Carlini, a young nun. Benedetta plans to become a priestess and marry Jesus Christ. Benedetta meets Bartolomea a few years later. Bartolomea is a child from an abusive home and was placed in the convent by Benedetta. However, she is aware that the best way to show gratitude for someone is through sexual pleasure. Benedetta is smitten by her kisses.

Benedetta is drawn to women by the Spirit and experiences a spiritual awakening. Benedetta will one day be subject to the same wounds as Jesus at the Crucifixion. The miracle is also considered miraculous by the other nuns at the convent. Sister Felicita and sister Christina remain astonished by Benedetta's claims.

Benedetta has visions that allow her to rise to the position of abbess. Bartolomea and Bartolomea continue to interact more passionately. Sister Christina tried convincing the convent that Benedetta was a fraud. But she couldn't prove her innocence, and she is sentenced. After being sentenced, she then lives her life. Sister Felicita sees Bartolomea, Benedetta and a Virgin Mary sculpture used to satisfy their sexual needs.

Benedetta leaves for Florence, to report The Nuncio on Benedetta's Blasphemy. Benedetta can have another spiritual experience in the convent. According to some, God may be communicating with Benedetta. Benedetta says that Jesus has promised that she will be safe so long as she lives, the next plague will not affect Pescia. Benedetta is believed to be killed within minutes of the incident.

Benedetta Ending: Is Benedetta Burned? Bartolomea - What's the End?

Benedetta's corps are discovered by Nuncio who arrives at convent. Benedetta awakens and claims that she is from Heaven, having come to rescue Pescians. Benedetta claims that she is not a Nuncio and is charged with the crime. Bartolomea confesses her sexual relationship with Benedetta. She is later tortured. Benedetta's fate sealed after she exposed the Virgin Mary Statue. Benedetta will be set on fire by nuns and priests. Benedetta claims that the Nuncio has brought plague to Pescia. The Nuncio's enemies are many. He is then attacked by a woman who stabs him.

Bartolomea rescues Benedetta in the fire dock. Both women run. They were held close the next day. Bartolomea confronts Benedetta. She reveals that Benedetta’s visions and divine experiences were fake. Benedetta asserts that such experiences are not real and she agrees to be reintroduced to the convent. Bartolomea tells her to be cautious as some people might doubt her claims or even set her on fire. Benedetta states that God won't allow it and leaves. Benedetta was still able to hear her voice in her 70s.

But, in the end, Benedetta’s last conversation is a red herring. She has a full, happy life and doesn't lose much of her dignity. Benedetta asserts that she is not responsible for her actions. Bartolomea is, however, convinced that Benedetta spread lies. Bartolomea will be able to discern if there was any connection or if Benedetta had fabricated it. Their final fates are poignant reminders of how fragile and futile faith and love can be.

Was Benedetta capable of seeing the future?

Benedetta has mystical powers. In the film, a bird is shown appearing to shit in the eyes and face of a guard. Benedetta then claims she can now see God, and that God has spoken to her. This movie tries to conceal many clues.

Benedetta has a scar on her forehead, Sister Felicita mentions that this is evidence of the fact that her injuries were not as severe as Jesus'. Benedetta also can see the fragment of broken glass that is in her forehead once she's had it done. Benedetta may have caused the cut.

Benedetta also suffers similar injuries at the end. Bartolomea observes Benedetta clutching a blunt item in her right hand in an attempt to inflict such wounds. Benedetta's visions, and stigmata, aren't real. Benedetta appears to be a ghost. Her supernatural experiences such as the resurrection and apparent death of Benedetta make it look like she's not really there. Alone, the confusion is not significant. It's clear that an important moment illuminates the director’s decision to preserve the ambiguity.

Benedetta is asked whether he'll be going to Heaven, Hell or both by the Nuncio. Benedetta says he'll go to Heaven. But the Nuncio thinks that it's false. The corrupt past activities of the Nuncio are what cause this suspicion. Due to her part in the entire ordeal, Sister Felicita sets herself on fire. She says she tried to seek salvation even though suicide was considered a sin at the time.

These scenes don't challenge Benedetta’s authenticity or value in her spiritual journeys. The scenes ask viewers to consider their view of God’s Will and how they are communicated to them. Do they refer to corrupt religious figures, such as the Nuncio? Or mystical events which have taken place or the need of salvation? Benedetta can have many interpretations of his visions.


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