Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

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In 'Runaway,' the fifth episode of 'Dexter: New Blood,' past starts to catch up with the eponymous character (Michael C. Hall). Episode 5's story focuses heavily on Harrison (Jack Alcott), as well as Chloe and the other runaways. Although the former is able to survive after a fatal overdose of fentanyl, Kurt (Clancy Brown), has to abandon his modeus operandi. Dexter begins a quest for revenge, almost leading to his arrest. Angela Jones (Julia Jones), who is a fan favorite from the original series, goes to a New York conference. The ending to 'Dexter: New Blood Episode 5' is revealed. BEWARE!

New Blood Episode 5: Recap by Dexter

Episode 5 starts as Dexter thinks about how to help Harrison with his razor. Dexter is urged by his conscience, "Debra" (Jennifer Carpenter), to aid Harrison the right way. Dexter is euphoric about being hailed as the town's hero. Dexter, still exhilarated at Harrison's success, tries to reach Harrison and get him to be more honest with his dad. Dexter hopes that Harrison will be more aggressive and angry than he anticipated, but the confrontation ends up having the exact opposite result.

Harrison attends the party as Ethan's guest of honor. His father's words echoing in his head, Harrison consumes beer, alcohol, ecstasy and overdoses. Audrey (Johnny Sequoyah), however, has been sober through the entire party and calls first responders. Logan then arrives to save Harrison's life.

Dexter is brought out by the Dark Passenger. It's not his usual murderous desire, but to get rid of those who have hurt his son. The man who supplied the drugs is tracked down and almost killed by Dexter, just like he did his other victims. Logan shows up, and Dexter must improvise. Police arrive to find the man had overdosed.

Dexter, New Blood Episode 5: Angela knows Dexter's Killer Status?

Angela visits New York while confirming that Matt Caldwell is indeed Matt Caldwell. Angela goes to a conference on missing persons with Molly. Angela, a long-time friend and ex-colleague of Dexter, will be the keynote speaker. At Miami Metro, he's now the captain of the homicide division. In his speech, Dexter mentions Bay Harbor Butcher as the name that authorities gave the serial killer for killing other criminals. Dexter is indeed the butcher. But law enforcement wrongly believed that James Doakes (another former Dexter colleague) was the killer.

Angela then meets Batista at the conference. She tells Batista about Iron Lake's young missing women. Batista encourages her to follow her intuitions. Batista mentioned Harrison and Debra to Angela before the two parted ways. Angela is informed by Audrey when she comes home that Harrison said Jim Lindsay was not his father's true name while he had been under the effects of drugs. Angela follows her intuitions and checks the Trinity case website to discover that Dexter Morgan was actually the man she recognizes as Jim Lindsey. He supposedly died over a decade earlier.

Angela is now aware of the true identity of Dexter, even though she doesn't know it yet. Dexter's false story about him comes to an end due to his son's drug-induced ramblings and chance meeting between the past and his future. He might soon reveal his other secretive pasts.

Why Did Kurt Lie About Matt?

Angela and Molly see the footage of the hotel's security cameras and realize that Matt is not the one who was there until the morning and used Matt’s credit card. This shows that Kurt is lying. But the real question remains: why? Episode 5 explores Kurt’s method of killing. When he has captured a potential prey, Kurt goes to the bar to dance to Del Shannon’s “Runaway.”

Later, however, he gets agitated and Chloe acts in ways he doesn’t want. Kurt may have planned to set up the basement in such a way as to instill fear among his potential victims. Chloe interprets his intent and removes her clothing in front the camera. Chloe hopes to strike him with a small piece of glass she's hidden. Kurt reacts almost as if he is a petulant child that hasn't received what he wanted on Christmas. After Chloe won't come out, Kurt goes into the basement and disarms him. However, she managed to cut him the cheek. Kurt also shoots Chloe, who refuses his request to leave the basement.

Harrison, however, tries to escape the city after he has returned from the hospital. Kurt finds Harrison eventually and offers him work. Kurt appears to groom Harrison just like he would his victims. Harrison, however, is not a young lady and doesn't follow his example. Kurt may have figured out Dexter's involvement in Dexter's death and disappearance, and is now seeking revenge on Dexter. He may know who Dexter really is and that this is all part of an elaborate plot of revenge.


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