Don’t Look Up Post-Credits Scene, Explained

Review Ethan / 2021-12-29 08:00:08

Adam McKay’s cynical comedy tour de force scifi comedy Don’t Look Up', the world comes to an abrupt halt. Star-studded ensemble including Leonardo DiCaprio (Jennifer Lawrence), Jonah Hill and Cate Blanchett make this a disaster movie that is all about disaster. Although the comedy is provocative, it has plenty to say about society. However, it's not always sure what to say. It is possible that a comet will collide with Earth.

To convince the media, Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate from Michigan State University team up with Teddy of the Planetary Defense Coordination Office. No one is interested. Even when the media pay attention to them, Earth's fate rests on an unreliable mission of a business tycoon. While the end is predictable, the viewers are kept guessing with a post credit sequence. It is unclear what will happen in the sequence after credits. This will help to clarify the situation, but you should be wary of spoilers.

You shouldn't look up the post-credit scene: Who survives The Apocalypse! Where Do They Reach?
The post-credit sequence follows a time leap. Most of humanity dies in the apocalypse. Earth's end is also inevitable. However, Isherwell already has a plan B for elites in the major leagues. These elites are reserved seats for a mission that will search for a planet with a habitable atmosphere. Randall would be a good choice, but they want Randall to join them. Randall appears to die along with the rest of humankind.

But, just 22,740 years ago, some human survivors make it to an alien world. They are able to wake from cryogenic sleep. Isherwell, President Orlean and close associates descend on the planet. Isherwell informs party members that alien planets have 9 percent more Oxygen per square meter than Earth. It may seem like they are a bit lighter than before, but it is nothing compared to their new lease.

Cryogenic Sleep: What Does It Mean? Why are the Voyagers mostly Old People?

A human body can't stay alive for 22.740 years because of anatomical issues. Sci-fi movies often involve a cryogenic state of mind when they travel to distant galaxies. Cryogenic sleeping is the process that keeps the human body in hibernating, immobile condition. To preserve biological capabilities, the method interrupts or slows down biological activities. This can either be chemically or temperature-induced.

Each type aims to keep the animal's body alive in harsh conditions such as space missions. Once they arrive on the planet, humankind's remaining remains emerge from their capsules. Also, most people seem to be quite elderly. This makes it seem impossible for them to try and populate the world, because old age reduces fertility. But the film can show politicians as old and unkempt.

Is It Possible for the President to Die? What's a Bronteroc, exactly?

Isherwell previously revealed in the story that Isherwell's omniscient AI had predicted that a Bronteroc could cause the death of the president. The prediction seems unbelievable at the moment, since there's no way to know if a Bronteroc is possible in our cognitive abilities. We discover that Bronteroc is an alien mammal-species that lives on Earth as soon as they get to the other planet.

This creature looks just like a bird. While president Orlean is performing her naturalistic dance, Orlean catches a glimpse at the bird-like creature. It is not domesticated so she decides that it can be pet. Thus, the Bronteroc ends up chewing her head, and the story keeps us rooting for a sequel.


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