Are Eternals able to have a post-credits scene

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The 26th installment of the MCU, 'Eternals' introduces an ancient alien race that has special abilities. Directed by Chloé Zhao ('Nomadland'), the superhero movie follows the Eternals, who the Celestials have sent to protect humanity from the evil race known as the Deviants. We learn about the Eternals' purpose and place in the universe over the course of this film. They are also given the opportunity to share their unique morality and abilities with the world. You may be asking yourself whether there will be any after-credits footage that offers teases about the characters' future. This is the definitive solution to all your questions! Warning!

Are Eternals able to have a post-credits scene?

The film 'Eternals' faces the difficult challenge of featuring ten Eternals and highlighting each one's unique skills. This film explores characters' pasts, and how they relate to the cosmic aspect of the "MCU." After the film has ended for its long 156-minute runtime, it resolves the core conflict as the team stops "the emerging" process.

While we won't divulge too much about the ending or any of its secrets, there are two special scenes in the film that fans will love. These scenes are not available for viewing online. We advise that you refrain from watching them as they could be very disturbing.

Some of the team decides to explore the space to find more Eternals, and to reveal the truth about their existence. Sersi, her boyfriend Dane Whitman have an intimate conversation on Earth about their secrets before the dark clouds in the distance begin to rise. These pivotal scenes form the basis for the film's post-credits scenes. We won't waste any time so let us get into it.

Explained: Eternals Mid-Credits Scene

Just after the credits are over, plays the first After-credits Scene. Thena Makkari, Druig and Makkari are traveling in spaceships to search for other Eternals. The arrival of two visitors, who teleport to the spacecraft and greet them is a welcome surprise. Pip the Troll, a fan favorite comic book character is the first intruder.

Pip then introduces Starfox to the Eternals, an alien form Titan. Starfox informs Pip that he can find out more information about the Eternals, and warns them that they are in serious danger. This scene is sure to get fans excited for multiple reasons. Harry Styles, actor and singer makes Starfox his MCU debut. Second, he's introduced as Titan brother to Thanos. It is clear that much of his comic book past is preserved.

Eros is the name of the Titanian race that is offshoots the Eternals. Starfox becomes his ally and takes the name of Pip the Troll. Starfox, Pip The Troll, and Adam Warlock have significant connections. Warlock is an important player in Marvel Comics' cosmic side. Warlock is expected to make an appearance in the next Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.) and could provide some insight into the danger Starfox might be referring to in that film.

Eternals' End-Credits Scene explained

Dane Whitman, who had spent much of the film's time in the background, finally shines during the credits. Marvel Comics readers will know that Dane Whitman is the Black Knight. When Dane tells Sersi about his family's complicated past, the first hint of this character is given. Dane opens an antique box in the final credits to find an ancient sword. Dane considers touching the blade and a voice warns him to not touch it.

Most likely, the Ebony Knife is the weapon in question. It's a mysterious weapon and the source for the Black Knights powers. Dane is uncertain about the family's past because of his Black Knight mantle. This scene's purpose is to prepare Dane for becoming the Black Knight. Dane and Sersi were both on the Avengers' team in the comics. It is possible that they will follow this path in future films.


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