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"Finch", a postapocalyptic sci fi drama, follows an aging human on a cross-country adventure. Tom Hanks plays the nameake of this film, who attempts to get to safety while fighting incredible odds. The crushing solitude of being the only human for miles around — combined with the arid wasteland setting of the film — makes the narrative highly dramatic, while Finch's canine and computerized companions add some much-needed comic relief.

While the movie ends in a predictable fashion, the film also reveals some fascinating details about the main character and his journey to the current situation. We are here to help if you have any further questions. Let's go over the end of "Finch." SPOILERS Ahead.

Finch Plot Synopsis

Finch, wearing a radiation suit and on a food collection mission in an area of a demolished city begins the film. Although he finds cans in some of the other ransacked grocery stores, he's forced back into his shelter after a severe dust storm. The central character is now emaciated and we are shown hints of radiation poisoning. He is also seen reading about it. After playing with Goodyear his dog, he began to work on a mechanical project.

Finch's small helper, a mechanical hand, scans every book in the bookshop and transfers the data to the computer. Finch finishes what he has been building. It turns out that it is a humanoid robotic robot. He soon learns of a dangerous storm and must finish his project quickly. Only 70% of the data from the books is transferred onto the robot's memories.

Finch gives the robot a brief lesson, teaching it how to walk. Then Finch puts Jeff and Goodyear in an R.V. Finch then sets off west. He soon realizes that his goal was to get to San Francisco. It's far away from the hurricane and offers a safer environment.

While Jeff fails to finish the assigned tasks, Jeff attempts to help the dying man teach the new robot how to survive in the harsh environment. Finch repeated that Jeff's primary function was to prevent Goodyear being in danger. But the dog remains skeptical of Jeff's giant, heavy-set mechanical robot that seems to do more harm than good. Jeff doesn't notice, during a mission to find food, that an area of a building is showing signs of being home to other human beings, as Finch had warned him. They are followed back by an unknown car as the trio gets on the road.

Finch Ending: Is Finch Dead?

Finch, Jeff and their stalkers eventually give up but the R.V. is damaged. The process is fatal. Now, Finch's health is rapidly deteriorating and he can be seen coughing up blood numerous times. Finch becomes incapacitated and unable drive. He is left to depend on Jeff who is quick but not well-versed in survival basics. Finch describes Finch's experience with the Apocalypse of Earth as well as other crucial instances in his past life, which Jeff uses to help fill his time and educate his robot about the past.

Finch finally collapses, still miles from his destination. Jeff, the driver, spots a butterfly in the windshield and is ordered to stop. Finch then teaches Jeff fetch, while Jeff watches the landscape from outside his car. He soon becomes weak and then dies.

Jeff finally loads up his R.V. The journey ends at the Golden Gate Bridge. Goodyear walks down the iconic structure with Jeff. Jeff leaves Finch, his dog, in Jeff's care. It seems that Finch has acute radiation poisoning, according to the little information we have.

It is due to his frequent exposure to sun, which has made him extremely ill. Finch will die without any hope of recovery or treatment. It also signifies that Finch is not on a cross-country trip to save himself. He's doing it to save Goodyear. Finch, however, dies at the end. Jeff's legacy and lessons live on in his robot Jeff.

Finch makes a robot.

Finch has created Jeff as a single reason to make sure Goodyear's care after his passing. This is actually what the title character says to Jeff when he yells at him to make it clear that he doesn't have a robot for his company. Jeff has to "grow up" fast so that Goodyear will be taken care. Jeff has the ability to access and scan books and have them uploaded into his memory. This will help him understand and survive.

You might be wondering why Finch did not just use the internet for teaching his robot. The reason is that Finch used an enormous electromagnetic pulse to wipe out every electrical system on Earth. In the movie's world, internet and all other electrical devices are disabled. Appliances that run on solar or wind energy are the only exception.

A short scene at the movie's end shows that Jeff is determined to take care of Goodyear. Shortly after Finch's demise, the robot discovers that Jeff's cushioned fingers make it difficult for him to open canned dog food. But, the robot automatically draws the can into the magnetic opening on his chest. This opens the container. Finch has, therefore, literally embedded a can opener in the center of his robot to ensure that he never forgets his primary objective — to ensure Goodyear's wellbeing.

What happens to Jeff Goodyear and his wife? What happens to Jeff and Goodyear?

It ends with Jeff and Goodyear walking side by side on the Golden Gate Bridge. Finch's companions seem to survive, and they are apparently getting along much better. Even though Goodyear refuses to play fetch with Jeff — making the robot fret about the dog not liking him — he eventually realizes that Jeff means no harm and that the machine cares about Finch. Thus, they end up as close friends.

Jeff has also taught Goodyear how to find food and open cans. It seems that Goodyear is likely to survive. Finch designed the robot to be able to endure severe weather conditions. The robot will most likely continue working well into the future, even after Goodyear is gone. They are currently focusing on human scavengers, who can kill for food or other resources.

The Apocalypse: What Was It?

The few clues we've been given regarding the post-apocalyptic state on the planet suggest that an anomalously large solar flare caused the destruction of Earth's Ozone Layer. An electromagnetic pulse then destroyed every major electrical system. Finch describes the "shredded ozone" layer as "swiss cheddar" and it no longer blocks radiation from the sun, leading to all forms of life being affected by sunlight dying.

We see that the ozone layer remains intact in some parts of the planet, but this is not what the movie shows us. San Francisco seems to be an example of such a place. Jeff then sees the butterfly right as they are nearing the city. Given that grass grows around Finch's tomb, as well as knowing that Finch died in an area that was dry, it is possible to conclude that the ozone layers are renewing themselves. This film is hopeful for Jeff and Goodyear, but also for planet Earth.


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