Ozark Season 4 Part 1 Ending, explained: Does Ruth Kill?

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Season 4 of 'Ozark’ sees the Byrde clan elevated even further to the position as legitimate representatives for the Mexican Navarro cartel. Marty and Wendy are impressed with the tireless work of Wendy in Missouri politics and at the FBI. The chaotic underground is not far behind. Now, the cartel leader puts his life in the hands of these two.

They are on the verge of receiving a substantial donation and the mission to basically launder' a cartel leader, with their Byrde Family Foundation at the other end. The central power couple who have more power and less couple by now has a lot on their plate. The countless moving parts quickly prove to be a problem, so season 4 part 1 concludes with a very hectic conclusion. We are here to guide you through the details of the finale's mid-season credits. Let's get into the "Ozark Season 4 Part 1 Finale" and decode all details. SPOILERS Ahead.

Ozark Season 4 Part 1 Finale Recap

Marty and Wendy Byrde get ordered by Omar Navarro in order to make a deal for the FBI which gives cartel leader Omar Navarro total immunity and allows him to freely move around the US. Omar Navarro offers Marty and Wendy Byrde to help him retire from his criminal enterprise. It is a ridiculous request and it takes all Wendy's clever criminal maneuvering to finally get Navarro a meeting. Ruth becomes fed up of Wendy's lies. Darlene is forced to accept Ruth as a partner because Wyatt's romance with Ruth was a reason for her leaving the casino.

The season 4 episode 7 part 1 finale opens with Darlene & Wyatt's tender wedding. Marty and Wendy are with Navarro as he meets with FBI agents. Unfortunately, it doesn't turn out the way they expected. Instead of giving him immunity, federal agents insist that Navarro be retained as the cartel leader. They also want him to become a second FBI agent. The new agreement isn't well received by the crime boss, but he is made to accept it. Wendy and Marty find themselves suddenly closer to being free of the cartel. Agent Maya Miller then arrests Navarro, ending the tenuous agreement.

The Byrdes are immediately blamed for Navarro's capture and the Byrdes scramble to persuade Javi, the nephew of the crime boss, to agree to a similar agreement with the FBI. Javi does not know that the FBI intends to have him arrested and will only give him a deal to cover their tracks. Javi eventually agrees to join them, and they begin to plan to return to Chicago after leaving the Ozarks. Jonah is still unsure if he plans to go with them, as he's become increasingly disillusioned since Ben's suicide.

Ozark Season 4 Finale Part 1: Ruth Kills Javi

Javi soon visits Darlene, shortly after her meeting with FBI officials. He then guns her down. Wyatt is unable to watch as Javi, the boss of the brutal cartel, shoots Darlene through the head. He also kills her young wife. Ruth discovers the death of her dear cousins. Ruth goes on an arduous rampage and threatens Marty and Frank Jr. Jonah finally informs Ruth who Wyatt was killed. Wendy and Marty repeatedly warned her, but Ruth, inconsolable, storms off in her truck armed with a shotgun.

Ruth, after viewing Wyatt’s body in Darlene’s home, tries to get the most direct route possible to her cousin's murderer. Frank Jr. she is first called by Ruth and she threatens him to get his revenge on Darlene. Ruth becomes convinced it isn't him and then Wendy Byrde and Marty Byrde come to her mind. It is not surprising since Wendy Byrde (rightly), blames Wendy Byrde and Cade for their deaths.

Jonah tells Ruth that Javi murdered Wyatt. Ruth seems almost certain she will head to Javi. The first part of the series ends with Ruth on her route to Javi. Javi remains alive, though, as she hasn't met him yet. Ruth stopped on the side road while she was on her way to meet the Mexican cartel leader. This could mean that Ruth might come up with a strategy to defeat him.

Ruth, who is known for being reckless, is smart enough not to underestimate the security of Javi. To make it more likely, Ruth might devise a plan to get Javi. Javi might still be alive but Ruth seems determined to take revenge. Our beloved Lady Langmore is a sour-tempered woman who has never been able to stop herself from killing innocent people. But she's clearly well past this. Wyatt was the one person Ruth loved, and Ruth now seems determined to avenge her cousin's murder.

The FBI and Javi: What is the Deal?

Javi receives a deal similar to the one they made with Omar Navarro, but with some important differences. Javi must serve for ten consecutive years as the head of Navarro's cartel, while simultaneously working for the FBI as an informant. Omar Navarro has been ordered to appear for at least five years prior to Javi being arrested. Javi's deal may be just a ruse as Marty, an FBI informant, plans to use Marty's confession to imprison him.

Javi is still being investigated by the FBI. However, his involvement in the explosion that claimed the lives of several federal agents and he has admitted to it on tape means any offer for a deal will be rejected. Marty, his uncle, and the FBI are trying to make Javi a target. When he's captured, Omar Navarro the madmanic cartel boss can be quite dangerous. Javi, Omar Navarro's nephew seems to be the only person that Omar Navarro appears to fear.

Can the Byrde Family Return to Chicago? Do They Want Jonah to Stay with them or Go with Them?

Omar Navarro, Agent Maya Miller arrests the Byrde Family's plan to move back to Chicago after their lives of crime are over. At the conclusion of season 4, part 1, the Byrdes have not left the Ozarks and Ruth has begun to think about killing Javi. The FBI deal the Byrdes made with them seems in serious danger (again). The Byrdes will not be allowed to travel safely to Chicago as long they are still dealing with the FBI or the cartel.

Season 4's opening scenes give us the most insight into the Byrde family's fate. They are seen in their van driving to Chicago. Jonah also appears in these scenes with them, and he tells us how the young man eventually returns to Chicago with the family. The reason for this shift of heart is still unknown. The Byrdes' car, which is also involved in the most mysterious episode of season 4, is in terrible accident. It is seen lying on its side at the shoulder of the road. It appears that even though the family finally leaves Chicago for good, they may never make it.


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