Ray Donovan: The Movie Explained: Is Ray Donovan Dead or Alive?

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The film's titular fixer, Liev Scheiber, returns to the screen in Ray Donovan: The Movie. It picks up the story from Showtime's popular crime drama series. Ray's troubled past is explored in this episode, with a focus on an important moment that occurred between Mickey and Ray. In the present, their family's violence-prone intergenerational tendencies continue to lead them into dire circumstances.

It wraps up many of Ray's long-running storylines and fills some gaps in Ray's history. But, the film's dramatic conclusion shows that the Donovans are not yet in control. The ending isn't a win, it's merely a grim reminder that not all stains are permanent. This is the place to go if you want to dig deeper into Ray Donovan's movie and find out what the end means for your brooding hero. BEWARE!

Ray Donovan: The Movie Plot synopsis

The film opens with a montage of pivotal scenes from the show, following which we see the Donovan brothers — Ray, Terry, Bunchy, and Daryll at home, reminiscing about their father. Bridget, the grieving Bridget, interrupts Ray's story-telling and criticizes Ray for forgetting to die by drowning in alcohol. Ray's stunned silence is broken when he leaves his house at midnight to head for Boston.

Ray's father Mickey keeps a small bag containing valuable documents. He tries to get them sold at a profit. As he leaves for Rendevous, he does not notice that his son is following him. Ray is not aware of Mickey's contact and the brawl that ensues, in which both attackers are shot. Ray points his gun towards Mickey after sustaining serious injuries. The elderly man is concerned as he looks at his son. But the gun is empty. Mickey leaves Ray after receiving the message. Mickey calls Ray in desperate need of money to purchase the documents that are still inside the briefcase and asks for the Sullivans to take them back.

We see Ray Donovan as a child, just beginning his criminal experience thanks to his father. Flashbacks allow us to view this young Ray Donovan. Ezra Goldman (a Hollywood producer) introduces Ray to Ezra, who's currently filming in the area. Mickey meets Ezra, his producer, and Sean Walker, Sean's film lead. They go on an adventure together, with Mickey taking a liking immediately to his authentic Boston appearance. Ezra notices that Ray is in trouble so Ray pays him to be watchful.

Ray Donovan: Ray Donovan, The Movie Ending. Is Ray Donovan Still Alive or Dead? Is He Being Shot?

We see Ray watch in terror as Mickey and Sean get rowdier. Sean pulls out his gun to accidentally kill Colleen after Mickey falls asleep. Ray and Ezra collaborate to hide Sean's identity and blame Mickey. Mickey wakes from his stupor and is immediately surrounded and arrested by police.

Ray and Molly Sullivan meet back in the past to find out if Mickey returned the briefcase. Molly asks Ray to share with her her father's story (Jim Sullivan), but he remains quiet. Ray gets ready to leave when Molly takes a shot at him in his stomach. Our hero makes it to his motel room. Mickey who had followed Ray from the Sullivan home, is concerned that his son might not be there. Bridget arrives to find her grievously wounded father and the two recall their past conversations. Police arrive and parallel scenes are shown of Ray getting taken in an ambulance and his father being charged with Colleen's murder.

Ray Donovan is left with multiple injuries and a bullet wound thanks to Molly Sullivan. Bridget's reaction suggests that he could die. Ray's assurance to Bridget, that he would live, seems closer to reality. Ray speaks with Dr. Arthur Amiot (Alan Alda) in a conversation that ends with Ray telling Dr. Amiot his hotel room number. Ray appears to have been injured by the doctor's call. The authorities arrive and save Ray's lives.

Bunchy leaves Ray, his wounded brother, partly because Ray will likely be fine. Bunchy will need to rescue Bridget, but if Ray was in serious danger, it wouldn't make sense for him not to leave Ray. Ray survived the injury from Molly Sullivan's bullet to the stomach, but he is still alive and able to continue fighting for his cause.

Ray could have been mistaken for thinking that the last scene depicting Ray emerging from a water-filled pool signifies that he is dead. Ray and his family are now free from their worst enemy. Ray is forced to confront the hard truth that Ray betrayed his father by sending him to prison (for Colleen’s death), which revealed a dark secret he had been hiding. Ray emerges from the pool, which seems to indicate that he has at least been cleansed of his gritty tendencies towards violence and death for the Donavans.

Bridget Shot Mickey Why? Is Mickey Donovan Dead?

Funnily enough the twist at the film's conclusion is both unexpected and expected. Ray has attempted to kill Mickey several times, even though Mickey is a fire-loving man for quite some time. So it's not surprising that Donovan is killed. Bridget might not be someone we would expect to trigger the gun, but an in-depth look at her character shows she has a lot of motivation to kill her grandfather.

Bridget's grief over the death of Smitty is evident throughout the film. Partly because of Mickey’s greed, she dies. Bridget finds out that Ray, her father has come to Boston to confront and possibly kill Mickey. Ray's widowed daughter worries about Ray's safety, and she agrees to accompany Bunchy on her trip to Boston. Bridget eventually shoots Mickey. She says it had to be over, referring the multiple-generational cycle violence that has claimed so much of their loved ones.

Bridget appears to be at the end of her rope. While it remains unclear if life expectancy or fortunes for the Donovans will change, Ray's daughter makes a significant step by shooting Mickey in his head. Ray taking the fall in the killing of Bridget completes a long-running story. It began when Ray was young and sent his father to prison. Ray is now in prison, it appears, for murdering his father.


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