"Theatrical Feature Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name") is the third animated film adaptation of the anime and manga series Bleach.

Review for Bleach: Fade to Black

Bleach: Fade to Black – Kimi no Na o Yobu two mysterious intruders break into the twelfth squad’s laboratory and escape with Kurotsuchi’s latest invention, but not before partially wiping some of his memories obliterating a third of Seireitei. Meanwhile, the two nameless antagonists kidnap Rukia and erase her memories – thus destroying everyone’s knowledge of her. While Ichigo initially suffers from this enforced amnesia, he soon remembers her and embarks on a quest to travel to Soul Society, find out what is happening, rescue Rukia, and restore the status quo.

Sadly, Fade to Black suffers from one of the same pitfalls as the series. It starts with an interesting premise that then fizzles away. In this case, I found the whole concept of erasing all recollections of one particular person, thus wiping out her existence, intriguing, not because of the actual memory loss but because of its repercussions. The idea that, if Rukia hadn’t existed, none of the shinigami would have met Ichigo is captivating. However, I must admit that the saccharine explanation about memories being linked through strong bonds had me reaching for the sick bag on occasion.

While all starts well, Fade to Black soon takes this appealing foundation and mixes it with the antagonists’ lacklustre motive before eventually descending into a series of uninspired shounen battles. By the time I got to the appearance of a bizarre tentacled blob creature (which reminds me of a cross between Dr Zoidberg from Futurama and a Pac-Man ghost), I was rapidly losing interest.

Also, in true Bleach fashion, Fade to Black likes to dig its tiny plot holes. For instance, if Ichigo never meets Rukia, he’d never encounter Kon. So could someone please explain to me how Ichigo isn’t completely freaked out by the funny little lion when he suffers from' Rukia-amnesia'? I’m pretty certain that if one of my stuffed animals started talking to me, I’d be running to check myself into the nearest psychiatric ward!

Highlights for Bleach: Fade to Black

Fade to Black is the third movie based on the very popular manga and anime series Bleach. The first movie was centred around the exclusive character called Sena, the second was Hitsugaya, and this third movie revolves his plot around Rukia. Let's see how this third character centred film compares to its predecessors. It's this another forgettable cliche movie, or it will call back to the memories of Rukia.

Bleach: Fade to Black was released in Japan on Dec 13th 2008, while Bleach episode 198 aired on TV that week, directed by Noriyuki Ave. This movie tells a story about how the memory of Rukia fades away from the Shinigami. This movie does recycle story beats from previous movies, and even causes feel deja vu moments from the anime are repeated, and we got to see old feuds reignited for the big screen.

Rukia's Momroies Lost

Fade to Black tells a story about a pair of siblings who disrupt the order within the soul society to kidnap Rukia. This movie begins with a couple attacking. Yuri cut him with a scythe which made him forget his memories, miry who has now forgotten everything, panics and damages his machines which causes a large explosion to erupt from his research facility. The mysterious duo then attacks Rukia as she falls victim to the same scythe that cut miry this causes everyone to forget about Rukia's existence. As well as Rukia's memories being entirely erased, this is a fascinating premise, and definitely, a more substantial opening than the previous two movies in Kuru Kuru Town a appears that Ichigo has forgotten Rukia that is until Kon, who happens to be the only one who has not forgotten her reminds him. Ichigo visits Urahara, who forgot both Ichigo and Rekia and didn't recall anyone called Rukia aside from confirming he has records of someone going by that name which frequently purchased items from his store. Then he tries his luck at the soul society. Ichigo and Kon both arrive to learn that nobody recognizes Ichigo and treats him like an enemy.

Intruder --- Ichigo

Frustratingly once again, he is an intruder to the soul society. This is another movie where Ichigo and the soul society are at odds with each other in the movie so far. This has been a recurring theme, and it's not just this you can see elements borrowed from the anime and manga to tell these exclusive movie stories recreating aspects of the soul society. Arc and mentions of Hueco Mundo and its involvement are repeated or borrowed elements within this movie.

Ichigo Vs Renji

Ii like this confrontation between the two of them. And the placement of the intensity of Renji and the animation brings this fight to life. Their stubborn attitude and determination made their feud within the manga feel so enjoyable, thanks to the plot of the movie. We got another chance to see them battle. Still, Ichigo doesn't waste time activating his 'Bankai'; he taunts Renji to activate his 'Bankai', but he doesn't remember having one. This is an excellent scene as Ichigo says to Renji that he developed his 'Bankai' to save Rukia without any memories of Rukia. He cannot remember ever attaining it, and I thought this was an excellent addition to the movie. Ichigo raised his blade in the air with the resolve to make Renji remember, which caused Renji to have a flashback to how he took the same stance when they fought in the soul society, arc just when the battle was getting good. Byakuya suddenly stops the fight as he helps Ichigo by directing him to the birthplace of his wife Lisanna, hoping Ichigo may learn more about Rukia. If he goes there, these actions reveal that Byakuya does have a softer side to him as he helps Ichigo by giving him information about Rukia's possible whereabouts. It's a great contrast, especially compared to his behaviour towards Ichigo in the soul society up. Ichigo arrives in Rukon district, where he finds Rukia and tries to remind her about her forgotten memories. But to no avail, the siblings consider Ichigo's efforts to remind Rukia, but our memories are distressing her, so they escape with her. We are then updated with the whereabouts of Yuri as we see him imprisoned. Surprisingly Aura Hara appears out of nowhere to meet Yuri, and he explains how his memories are confused and compares it to losing his memories of Rukia. Hoorah deduces that someone attacked Yuri and Rukia. He helps Yuri by locating his memories that he regularly backed up, which is rather convenient. It does feel strange, and out of nowhere to see or Ahura appear, it's not given many contexts. We see him there and are supposed to accept it, especially if we consider that he is exiled from the soul society. Still, no explanation or attention is given to that fact. The great thing about bleach movies is that we experience events and character interactions. That never occurs in the manga.

Rukia's Memories Back?

Hiromichi Yuri helping him is an excellent call back to his days as a captain and the turnaround pendulum arc the movies provide great fanservice for those who want to see more interactions form their favorite characters we laerned that the siblings hold a grudge against the Shinigami claming that they took everything away from them. Including Rukia however Rukia begins to remember flashbacks of a memory after having seen Ichigo earlier Ichigo and Connor. Then confronted by the GOAT 13 who tried to attack the two of them, however Renji defends them and states that he may not remember Ichigo. But his heart is teling him to trust him. Head captian Yamamoto eventually arrives accompained by the other captains.

Characters Review for Bleach: Fade to Black

The best part of Fade to Black’s characterisation emerged from the chaos of Soul Society’s situation. The effects of removing specific memories from the cast range from a decline in confidence to self-doubt and even loss of hope. As such, with some characters behaving unexpectedly, I was taken out of my comfort zone. For me, watching Kurotsuchi’s complete breakdown towards the beginning was the highlight of the film. Seeing one of the most composed, sinister, and predatory of Bleach’s protagonists mutating into a terrified victim, wildly swinging his zanpakutou around.

How To Watch the whole Movie?

Okay, after some highlights introduction, I think you are trying to find where can I download the movie now. Here is a helpful link: www.y2mate.ch. This link can let you download the movie with high resolution, even 4K, and see you in the following article.

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