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Netflix launched a compelling documentary series called "Tiger King" back in March 2020. It was created after the pandemic of covid-19 had caused the first lockdowns. This documentary follows Joe Exotic (a gun--holding, Oklahoma-based founder of a zoo) and explores his passions, business dealings, as well as her spiraling rivalry to animal rights activist Carole Baskin. The show is full of eccentric characters and wild drama as well as the strange world of big-cat breeding. Let's now look back on the important events and characters of season 1 with the new season.

Tiger King Episode 1 Recap

"Not Your Average Joe", introduces Joe Exotic and the G.W. This episode introduces us to Zoo and the idea of animal keeping. It sets the tone for all the other episodes. Before we meet Joe, we first hear about him from Grady County Jail. He is a flashy, handsome man who has a big mullet and an eyebrow ring. Prior to even that, though, a former strip club owner, James Garretson, had already said, "The big cat people are backstabbing pieces of sh*t." However, Joe's actions make it evident that he genuinely cared for the cats at one point and had mainly hired people who seriously needed a place to belong.

John Reinke, Kelci Saffery and Erik Cowie are some of these individuals. There we see Joe's desperate need to be famous through his musical ventures, animal tours and Joe Exotic T.V. and his deal with Rick Kirkham. Half of Joe's content, however, was directed towards Carole Baskin as hateful or dangerous threats. Their feud started in 2006 when the activist for animal rights, a flower-crown wearing animal rights activist, tried to stop his operations by public awareness. Doc Antle, private zoo owner, also offers his opinions on the conflict.

Tiger King Episode 2 Recap

Called "Cultof Personality", the second episode delves further into Joe and Carole's struggle, as well as the possible actions of animal keepers. The episode begins with Saff's loss of one arm at the G.W. Zoo but soon it shifts gears to show Doc Antle and Barbara Fisher's personal, professional, and private lives. These women were the focus of attention. This served to be a great introduction into Joe's polygamist relationships with Travis Maldonado (John Finlay) and Barbara Fisher. The private zoo of Mario Tabraue (ex-drug kingpin) is another interesting feature.

Tiger King Episode 3 Recap

From supposed cults to alleged murder, 'Tiger King: The Secret' explores quite a transition. The story revolves around Carole’s abrupt 1997 divorce from Jack Donald Lewis. The activist claims she is innocent. However, many people who are close to Jack Donald Lewis and those in the big cat business believe she killed him. Although their relationship was initially an extramarital affair, it has changed. Carole does not appreciate her claims of feeding Don to the Tigers or disposing his remains in any other manner. Although she has theories, the truth is that they don't match up with reality.

Tiger King Episode 4 Recap

Tiger King, episode 4 - "Playing With Fire" - shows how Joe and Carole's fight escalated when the legal system was involved in lawsuits against each other and counter suits that cost millions. Joe set up Big Cat Entertainment as a competitor to Carole’s Big Cat Rescue using social media and Google algorithm. A few photos were used to provoke Carole. Although he was eventually ordered by the court to pay damages, he also transferred or destroyed all of her assets. The studio and film footage for the show he produced were also destroyed shortly after. He was left without much and Jeff Lowe, an entrepreneur, entered the picture to try and help.

Tiger King Episode 5 Recap

Joe Exotic transferred Jeff Lowe's ownership to G.W. Zoo served as Entertainment Director and made sure that Carole Baskin did not get possession of the property. With the change in management came a lot. For example, half of the staff were fired and the team formed a collaborative effort with James Garretson (big cat enthusiast). Although the three of them did much to work together and save money, Allen Glover became Jeff's most trusted employee. Joe joined politics in the company of Joshua Dial as both a presidential and governor candidate.

Joe was hurt by the money loss, but it also affected his mental health. He felt that someone was trying to seize him. John Finley, who was his lover, began to unravel and Travis Maldonado, who accidentally shot himself in Joshua’s office, also caused problems in Joe's personal relationships. Jeff moved to Las Vegas after the Tiger King lost his election. He was able to alleviate the tensions between the two of them, and to get away from all the drama. Joe was fortunate to find Dillon Passage his new partner in romance, which he married after only a few months. However, the rest of the story was quite chaotic.

Tiger King Episode 6 Recap

'The Noble Thing to Do' reveals almost every secret surrounding the murder-for-hire plot Joe had orchestrated for Carole Baskin. Although we discover Jeff Lowe is a felon and James Garretson an entrepreneur, it was actually Allen Glover who was the hitman. Jeff was furious when he learned that his partner was alleged to have laundered cash. Joe didn't deny anything. Instead, he destroyed documents and took some animals. The zoo was left in the middle the night. Joe was a strange man to hire Allen because of the blood feud.

James revealed however that Jeff was not only aware of Joe's plot but also had lengthy conversations with him over how they should attack Carole. In addition, he said that he had been privy to this information because of his work. This, together with numerous other claims, is why he became a confidential investigator. James quickly brought Jeff in to the conversation, which led him to contact his right-handman, and together they took down Joe. Allen said that he had received $3,• from Tiger King for Carole's death, but he apparently cheated and didn't make it to Florida. Joe was arrested for the money trade in 2018.

Tiger King Episode 7 Recap

Joe Exotic faced the consequences of his actions in 'Dethroned,' but it was still a wild ride. Allen said that Jeff had been requested to give the truth in details. This is one of the reasons Jeff was not present in court. When the ex-felon claimed that he had been to Florida and never killed Carole, we were all stunned, given the fact that he was soon in South Carolina after his departure from the Oklahoma Zoo. John Finlay, Erik Cowie, and John Finlay also testified against Joe. Joe was found guilty of 17 federal animal abuse charges and attempted murder for hire.

Joe was also able to murder Carole for hire, resulting in the second murder-for-hire count. He was finally sentenced to 22 year imprisonment and began to work with PETA to take down other big cat traders. Joe says Doc Antle used a gas chamber in order to kill his cubs. After they were out of the play-stage, Antle then uses the crematorium at his estate. The end of the story reveals that Joe still maintains his innocence, and Jeff, a man free from prison, is trying to start a new Zoo. Doc's Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina was raided December 2019 by the federal authorities.

Tiger King Episode 8 Recap

Joel McHale hosted the follow-up episode, "The Tiger King and I," where he interviewed the major players from the documentary series. This is where Joe and his family admit his mistakes. They also claim that most of the cats he shot were healthy. The people also revealed that Joe shot an unwarranted horse once and then turned the animal into cat meat, as he did not care for any other animals. Saff, however, said that Joe would not be allowed to leave prison.

Jeff also claimed that Joe kills tigers sometimes because he needs the cage space. Allen was his other confidence. Carole, however, was Carole's second husband. As for former G.W. John Reinke, the former Zoo manager, said Joe was still his friend and that they had never fought. He also claimed that it wasn't over, but that he is trying to get on with life. Joshua Dial (Joe's campaign manager) said that Travis had not received professional help after the incident but that that is something he would like to do. John Finley also reported that he's sober and happily engaged to a woman with whom he shares every aspect of his life.


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