Review of YellowStone: Is Jamie Dutton Adopted? Who is Jamie Dutton’s Dad on Yellowstone?

Review Ethan / 2021-11-26 08:01:10

"Yellowstone," a Western drama that is well-crafted, has a lot to offer. It combines a dysfunctional family with some dramatic storytelling. Surprise twists have been a hallmark of the Dutton family. Jamie Dutton is the real parent of Jamie Dutton. This twist in the Dutton family's story has been one of its most surprising.

Smart-talking, smart-dressing lawyer learns an amazing secret that will change his view of the Duttons. As Season 4 of The Duttons gains steam, it is still feeling the effects. This article will provide a brief overview of Jamie's true parents and their impact on the Duttons.

Is Jamie Dutton Adopted?

Jamie Dutton appears in "Yellowstone" as the son John Dutton's late wife Evelyn Dutton. Jamie, a lawyer, uses his position to protect his family. John's ferocious nature to protect his family mirrors Jamie's, and he also longs for recognition from his dad. John's tough-tackling personality makes it easy for him to make questionable decisions. It would seem that the similarities between father and son stem from their genetic relationship.

The revelation that Jamie was not biologically Dutton, in season three of the series' third season, shocked viewers. The episode titled "The Beating" is the seventh of season 3. Jamie gets a copy from his assistant in order to complete a mundane task. But, it is discovered that his birth name has been changed to James Michael Randall. The names John and Evelyn do not appear on the Dutton sibling’s birth certificate. John confirms that Evelyn and he adopted Jamie at three months of age.

John Adopted Jamie. Jamie Dutton: Who is his biological dad?

Jamie is furious after learning the truth about his biological father. John then reveals the horrific circumstances of Jamie's birth. Jamie's biological father Garrett Randall was only a month old. He came home one day from work and found his wife, Phyllis Randall, with another man. Garrett beat Phyllis so hard that she almost died. Garrett was eventually convicted and sentenced to thirty years imprisonment for the killing of Phyllis. John and Evelyn adopted Jamie following the murder of his mother, and his father's imprisonment. Jamie's confrontation with John ends in John telling Jamie that Jamie will be treated as a son forever.

Jamie makes a decision to meet Garrett. Garrett reveals his mother was a drug addict and that Jamie killed Phyllis as a way to protect him from a difficult upbringing. Jamie starts to feel a connection with Garrett slowly and begins confiding in him how he feels about Yellowstone Ranch life. Jamie feels neglected and ignored by John, leading him to seek recognition for Garrett. It causes an internal conflict with his family. The truth of Garrett's positive or negative influence on Jamie remains to be determined.


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