‘SAS: Red Notice’ Coming to Netflix in August 2021

Review Ethan / 2022-09-28 06:47:14

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan or SAS: Red Notice as it’s referred to in some places will be making its SVOD debut on Netflix US on August 27th, 2021.

This British thriller, headlined by Ruby Rose is about small-scale criminals who attempt their greatest heist with an underground train. It travels beneath the English Channel connecting England and France.

Rose's stars include Sam Heughan, Andy Serkis and Hannah John-Kamen from Outlander.

Magnus Martens, who is the director of this show has credits for shows like 12 Monkeys and Power and movies such as Banshee and Jackpot. SAS: Red Notice was adapted from the SAS soldier Andy McNab Red Notice by Laurence Malkin.

It is difficult to identify who the owner of this movie is because it has multiple companies involved. According to IMDb PRO, 8 production companies were involved in the film. The movie also had multiple distributors.

The original broadcast of the show was on Sky UK in March 2021. It has been available on digital and disc in America since then. The SVOD premiere of the Black Swan's SVOD debut on Netflix was in August 2021.

Redbox Entertainment, Vertical Entertainment and Vertical Entertainment are the US distributors.

Do you recommend SAS: Red Notice to Netflix?

So far, reviews have been mixed.

The movie has 4.9 rating based on just under 6,500 IMDb reviews.

Many have said the writing doesn’t do the original material justice with many criticizing both the performances and script.

RottenTomatoes gave the film a rating of 55% from critics. Paul M. Bradshaw from NME said the movie “is so close to being fun that it’s a real shame to see it let down by a lousy script, lazy directing and enough army cliches to fill a dozen Call Of Duty cutscenes.”

sas rise of the black swan netflix

Netflix DVD subscribers can now rent the film to be able to see it sooner. It arrived on Netflix’s DVD service in mid-June 2021.

Are you going to check out SAS: Red Note or skip it when it comes in August? Comment below.


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