‘Selena: The Series’ Part 1: What Time Will It Be on Netflix?

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Netflix recently revealed that the Netflix scripted series, based on Selena Quintanilla's life, will be available for streaming in December 2020. The late Tejano-Popstar was a huge star throughout the ’80s and ’90s before her untimely death in 1995. The series is set to follow the full life of Selena from Childhood all the way to when she was sadly murdered by Yolanda Saldívar. Here’s what we know so far on Selena: The Series.

What is Selena: The Series' Netflix release date?

Official confirmation has come out that Selena: The Series will arrive on Netflix Friday, December 4, 2020.

When will Selena: The Series air on Netflix?

Selena will stream the Series in early morning for some subscribers, but others must wait until late at night. Because Netflix's latest releases are based on Pacific Standard Time, this is why some subscribers will have to wait until the late evening.

Time Zone Time available to stream
Pacific Standard Time 12:00 AM (GMT-8)
Mountain Standard Time 1:00 AM (GMT-7)
Central Standard Time 2:00 AM (GMT-6)
Eastern Standard Time 3:00 AM (GMT-5)
Atlantic Standard Time 4:00 AM (GMT -4)
British Daylight Savings Time 08:00 AM (GMT)
Central European Time 09:00 AM (GMT+1)
Eastern European Time 10:00 AM (GMT+2)
India Standard Time 12:30 PM (GMT+4:30)
Japan Standard Time 16:00 PM (GMT+8)
Australian Eastern Time 18:00 PM (GMT+10)
New Zealand Day Light Time 19:00 PM (GMT+11)


How does Selena's plot fit into the Series?

After her stardom rise, Selena: The Series is a story about the humble beginnings of Queen of Tejanos and her eventual success.

What are the Cast Members of Selena: The Series

The Series stars the following cast members:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Selena Christian Serratos The Walking Dead | Robot Chicken | The Twilight Saga
A.B. Quintanilla Ricardo Chavira Desperate Housewives | Piranha 3D | Dead Space 3
Abraham Gabriel Chavarria War for the Planet of the Apes | Lowriders | Freedom Writers
Suzette Quintanilla Noemi Gonzalez Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones | The Vatican Tapes | Gang Related
Marcella Quintanilla Seidy Lopez Training Day | CSI: NY | The Bridge
Young Selena Madison Taylor Baez Debuting in The Tooth Racket

News casting

According to reports, seven additional cast members were announced for Selena: The Series.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Pete Astudillo Julio Macias On My Block | Obsidian | Poor Sofia
Chris Perez Jesse Posey Stitchers | First Love | Killer Party
Ricky Vela Hunter Reese Peña Morning Ritual | Sketch Juice | Shooting Sophie
Joe Ojeda Carlos Alfreda, Jr Mutt and Chopps | 51 Nevada | Disaffected Youth
Young A.B. Juan Martinez Triple Frontier | Grey’s Anatomy | Bless Me, Ultima
Young Suzette Daniela Estrada *debuting in Selena: The Series*
Roger Garcia Paul Rodriguez The Curse of La Llorona | Street Dreams | Vicious Circle


Selena Quintanilla was who?

Selena Quintanilla, an American Tejano-Popstar, was born in 1971. Growing up in a region where the music of Tejano was popular (Tejano is a popular style of music which originated in Central and South Texas), she would rise to become the “Queen of Tejano” and is known as the greatest artist of Tejano.

Selena was nominated and won many awards throughout her career. Including that of a Grammy award for best ‘Mexican/American Album. Selena was popularly known for being the queen of her music genre. However, she would go on to make music in many other styles, including Pop, R&B, and many genres of Spanish folk music. Selena was loved by many people, but it would be one of those fans who would cause her to die.

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

Selena Quintanilla's Death

In 1995 Selena was murdered by President of the Selena Quintanilla fan club Yolanda Saldívar. Not only was Yolanda the president of the fan club but she was also a manager of Selena’s merchandise, her registered agent in San Antonio and also her friend. Yolanda stole thousands of dollars through the fan club and ultimately she was also the cause of Selena’s merchandise to decrease in sales due to her poor attitude.

Selena stood by Yolanda despite all of the allegations. She was close to her. Selena wanted her to be close because she could access bank statements and bank records as well as financial records for tax purposes. Days before Selena’s death, Yolanda was withholding these documents. Selena confronted Yolanda at a hotel. After a heated argument Yolanda pulled a gun on Selena, and shot her when she tried to run. Selena was killed when a bullet struck a vital artery in her chest. The wound could have been smaller if the bullet was only millimeters higher or lower.

Yolanda has been found guilty of the murders and is currently being held in prison. She will be eligible for parole in March 2025 after serving a 30-year sentence.


A vigil would be held in her memory by 3000 people. Tens of thousands would attend the open casket to mourn. Nearly a mile of fans waited to offer their condolences. In the end 78,000 people signed her condolence book. The loss of her loved one was devastating for the Latin American community. Many thousands of fans that attended traveled thousands of miles to pay their respects.

Selena performing on stage to jubilant fans

Legacy of Selena

Selena was loved by millions of people. Many have compared the reactions to her death to those of John Lennon or Elvis Presley's. People magazine would publish a special issue to her memory and sell out. It would mean that almost 1 million copies of the issue could be sold.

The Governor of Texas was George W Bush, the former President of the United States. Selena’s Birthday is April 16th. George Bush made April 16th Selena Day in her honour. The ‘Mexican Madonna’ would go on to have a profound effect on Latin American culture and would inspire a generation of young Latin American artists.

How is Selena's production?

Official Production Status: Filming

Principal photography began in October, and the series will continue filming for at least two more months.

What number of episodes will Selena: The Series have?

We had previously believed that Selena: The Series would have two episodes, with each episode being acknowledged as part 1 and 2.

It has been revealed that there will be six episodes of the drama. Part one of the drama will be three episodes.

How long does each episode last?

Each episode will last approximately one hour.

Is the series available for streaming in 4K resolution?

Subscribers need not fret: Selena will stream the Series in 4K.

What have the fans thought?

Online, the fan response has been incredible. Fans are thrilled that Netflix will release a series named after her.

Do you feel excited about Selena:The Series? Comment below to let us know your excitement for Selena: The Series!


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