Serial Killer Doc ‘The Women and the Murderer’ Coming to Netflix in September 2021

Review Ethan / 2023-04-09 01:54:41

French true-crime documentary The Women and the Murderer (or Les femmes et l’assassin as called in France) is headed to Netflix around the world in September 2021.

The documentary is now available on Netflix worldwide. It was directed by Mona Achache, and Patricia Tourancheau.

Mona Achache, a director, writer and actress, has previously worked on The Hedgehog and Les gazelles. She also directed in Netflix’s short-lived French series, Osmosis.

Patricia Tourancheau is a writer and director known for SK1, La case de l’oncle Doc, and the French Netflix Original docu-series Who Killed Little Gregory? It was launched on Netflix worldwide in November 2019.

Here’s the logline for the The Women and the Murderer which arrives on Netflix on September 9th, 2021:

“This documentary follows a police chief and a murder victim’s mother in their unflagging efforts to find and prosecute a serial killer in 1990s Paris.”

If you want to head into the documentary without any knowledge of who it covers, navigate away from the page as we’ll touch on some of the details of the case below.

This documentary portrays Guy Georges, the notorious Parisian murderer who was also called The Beast of Bastille. From 1991 to 1997, he raped and murdered at least seven victims. He also committed numerous other crimes, including stabbings and assaults.

Bastille was his neighborhood. He is alive today, serving a life sentence.

guy georges serial killer netflix documentary

FRANCE – APRIL 01: Different portraits of Guy Georges, serial killer In France In April, 1998. (Photo by Georges MERILLON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

A trailer has yet to be released as of the time of publishing but a short preview clip is available on the Netflix app when you navigate directly to the show’s page. You can press the reminder bell on the page to be notified when the Doc lands.

Check out the September preview to see a complete list of all Netflix Originals due for release on Netflix in September 2021.

When The Women and the Murderer launches on Netflix September 9, will you check it out? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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