Series like ‘Narcos’ Also Streaming on Netflix

Review Ethan / 2023-05-01 09:32:16

Let’s start off by saying Narcos is absolutely brilliant. If you haven’t watched the first season yet then you’re missing out as Alice wrote in her review a week ago. Netflix Original Series is set in Columbia, with a DEA agent traveling there to help with law enforcement in their efforts to take down Pablo Escobar's largest cartel.

It’s based on a true story with some obvious dramatic effect added, but holds up as a solid series with more to come late next year.

You might be interested in furthering your Narcos viewing by looking at something like this. You'll find the same pleasure with these titles.

Breaking Bad


In many respects Narcos has taken many cues from Sir Walter White and this badass series is the closest you’re going to get to getting the same kind of action as Narcos. Walter White is diagnosed with terminal cancer in Breaking Bad and must find ways to pay for it. To create a new type of meth, he teams up with an ex-student. He becomes the owner of an empire. This staple of modern television has action around every corner. It is undoubtedly the most popular in its category.

Sons of Anarchy


Sons of Anarchy displays the same gang mentality as Narcos, as well as some very cruel and disturbing truths about what is out there. Sons of Anarchy tells the story of a biker group and one of their members struggling to maintain a balance between his professional and personal lives while he is part of this biker group. It’s got a solid fanbase and is an excellent watch.



Lilyhammer shares the mixed languages in which the show is recorded in if that’s your kind of thing. Lilyhammer also features another criminal kingpin, and how he rose in small-town Lilyhammer. Although the show was cancelled, it is still great entertainment. It's only available through Netflix.


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