Sex Education | Season 3 Recap

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Netflix sex education has been unashamedly dangling a potential otus Maeve relationship in front of our eager little faces for three seasons now. While the couple did reach a massive milestone in season three, they locked lips on more than one occasion.



Did the former sex clinic operators attain the happy ending we've been rooting for? Kind of. But also no after having secured the tuition money from her mom, oddly enough and being persuaded by BFF Amy maeve made the difficult decision to leave mordale to study abroad in America. While it was a choice that's likely great for her future and overall life, it wasn't convenient for the inkling of a relationship that finally sparked between Otis and Maeve this season.

What about us? Otis asked. We'll have to see where we're at when I'm back, she told him. he then said he was proud of her, but it's not a goodbye maeve confirmed it's a see you soon. So Otis and Maeve's feelings are splayed out on the table yay, but for now, this is one ship we're going to have to hit the pause button on. Rats, so where did we leave off with everyone else? Here's what happened with the rest of the module crew in the season three finale. Gene, who did not die, finally woke up from surgery to meet her new baby girl. Otis having felt guilty for what he said to his mom before her labor, promptly apologized through tears, saying I still need you. I can't have a mum, ah, and while Otis tugged hard on our heartstrings, so did Jakob when he relieved ola of her fear that he would love his new family more than her.


"You remind me of joy, the only pleasure," he said with nothing but love in his eyes. So, of course, entertainment became the baby's name once ola pitched it to jean. Oh, and by the way, somebody calls Maury because Jakob is not the father gene likely took the words out of all our mouths when she said o-s-t. Eric, meanwhile, had been beating himself up over his actions in Nigeria but confessed to adam that he wouldn't take it back even if he could. He felt like he's been ready to fly while adam was only learning to walk, which puts the two lovers at odds. We're going to break up, aren't we adam asked. I think we have to, eric replied gently. It's not your fault we're just going in different directions adam didn't want to talk about it any further. Hence, it looks like these two are Denison, at least as far as season three is concerned.
Amy finally broke up with steve so she could attempt to figure out who she is on her own, while Jackson and cal decided to be just friends.

Final Words

So which split hit you the hardest, and who do you think is the father of jean's baby grade the finale and season below, then light up the comments.


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