‘Shaman King’ Season 4 is Coming to Netflix in May 2022

Review Ethan / 2022-08-30 07:18:48

Netflix will stream the fourth and last season of Shaman King's anime in May 2022.

Shaman King, an international licensed Netflix Original shonen anime show, is based on the manga by Hiroyuki Takei. This anime is also a reboot for the 2001 manga adaptation.

Manta Oyamada is a middle-school student with the ability to see spirits. Oyamada meets You Asakura in a chance encounter, and his abilities are discovered.

Seasons of Shaman King are available on Netflix nearly every other month since August 2021. This is the same time that anime in Japan was broadcast on television.

Season Netflix Release Date Blu Ray Release Date
1 09/08/2021 25/08/2021
2 09/12/2021 24/11/2021
3 13/01/2022 23/02/2022
4 26/05/2022 25/05/2022

What date is Shaman King Season 4 Netflix Release Date?

Netflix will release the next series of Shaman King episodes on Monday May 26, 2022.

This is the last season for Shaman King.

Netflix will no longer be streaming the Shaman King anime after the final season is complete.

Do you look forward to Shaman King season 4 being released on Netflix? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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