Should Netflix Save ‘Katy Keene’ for Season 2?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-20 03:32:43

After a single season, Katy Keene was cancelled by The CW. Now fans are trying to get it renewed for a second. Netflix could and should consider reviving it given the investment they made in other Archie franchises?

Let’s recap slightly where Katy Keene sits in the Archie Comics universe. It’s technically a spin-off of Riverdale set several years after the events of the first four seasons.

Before the July 2020 plug, 13 episodes aired by The CW. This was the final show on The CW that received a renewal. Poor viewing figures were cited as the cause.

Thanks to The CW's Netflix agreement ending, Katy Keene was not able to access Netflix worldwide and the streaming rights of Katy Keene were sold to HBO Max.

Lucy Hale took to social media today to share her sorrow for the cancellation. Below is the message accompanying the embedded video:

“Sad to deliver this news ! But I love the show. I love what it stands for. And mostly I love YOU. To the cast, crew, and all involved… “

Is Netflix able to revive Katy Keene's career?

Technically, yes. Deadline reports that Netflix or other streaming/network companies could acquire the show before the end July 2020, which would be when cast member options have been extended. That essentially means the actors and actresses remain committed to the show until that date when they’re able to find other work.

According to the TVLine original report, Warner Brothers Television stated that they were looking for a new home.

It will ultimately come down to the winner of the show. If someone does.

Netflix should pick up Katy Keene

Netflix's vested interests in Archie Comics are the reason why it should at least consider picking up the series. Netflix has Riverdale available around the globe (as an original Netflix series outside of the US), whereas Chilling Adventures of Sabrina can be viewed anywhere on the planet.

It makes good sense for viewers to continue watching the two other shows if they are invested in the universe.

Why Netflix SHOULDN’T pick up Katy Keene

It was not picked up because the show did not captivate an audience and, according to Deadline's report, it also failed to have an impact on HBO Max.

While we will keep you informed about any Katy Keene news as it relates to Netflix, now you have the chance to tell us in the comments if you believe Netflix should save Katy Keene.


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