‘Sirius the Jaeger’ Season 1: Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Review Ethan / 2023-02-06 12:12:15

We certainly have an abundance of choices over the Christmas holidays with all the new anime titles releasing this month! The new anime series Sirius the Jaeger, a werewolf-anime about werewolves is now available on Netflix. Here’s our guide to the latest Netflix Original anime on Netflix.

P.A. created Sirius the Jaeger, a Netflix Original anime. Works. It was well-received by the Japanese public across multiple channels.

P.A. also has another title Works has produced as a Netflix Original that many will recognize is Kuomukuro. Other such popular titles in their library are Charlotte, Sakura Quest, and Angel Beats.

How does Sirius the Jaeger plot?

Jaegers is a group that hunts vampires and has a unique ability: they can take on the role of werewolves, making them the best vampire hunters. Yuliy, a young werewolf who wanted revenge on his village's destruction by vampires joined the hunter group.

While hunting vampires in China and Japan, it becomes apparent that the King of Vampires seeks a mysterious artifact called the Arc of Sirius. The Arc is a battlefield between werewolves and vampires, as well as other evil creatures.

What are the members of season one's cast?

The series will be available in English if you are looking for it. This is the Japanese cast.

Role Actor/Actress Where have I seen/heard them before?
Yuily Yuuto Uemura Bungou Stray Dogs, Nanbaka, Violet Evergarden
Mikhail Takahiro Sakurai Ajin, Berserk, Psyco-Pass
Ryouko Naoe Rie Takahashi Devilman: Crybaby, KonoSuba, Battle Girl High School
Dorothea Nanako Mori Sakura Quest, Megalo Box, No Game No Life: Zero
Phillip Yuusuke Kobayashi Fuuka, Food Wars, Monster Strike
Willard Kenyuu Horiuchi Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, Pokemon
Agatha Sayaka Ohara Code Geass, Fairy Tail, Fate Zero
Fallon Shunsuke Takeuchi Nanbaka, Caligula, All Out!!

What number of episodes will be aired?

Sirius the Jaeger will be released worldwide in 12 episodes during its initial run.

How has Japan's audience reacted so far?

The series is already available in Japan. These are the first reactions to the series:

Sirius the jaeger is too underrated— ????????Erika #ThankYouD10 (@NeuroticSlacker) December 1, 2018

If you watch anime on Netflix I highly recommend Sirius the jaeger when it drops later this month— The Floating Cloud (@KingdomZoneX) December 3, 2018

didn’t expect sirius the jaeger to be THAT good but it was— ???? (@minshuqi) December 4, 2018

Do you have a trailer of Sirius The Jaeger?

Netflix hasn’t officially released a trailer as of yet but we have found a trailer online with English subtitles!


Is there a possibility of a second season?

At the moment, it's unclear whether the anime will be given a second season. It will all depend on how it is received and the viewing numbers within its first month.

Are you going to be following Sirius the Jaeger on TV? Comment below to let us know!


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