‘Slasher’ Season 4 Reportedly Renewed – Will it be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-13 14:52:50

Although Slasher's past year has been turbulent, it is still one of Netflix's most popular horror shows. Season 4 has been requested by fans for years. According to a production report, it will return for another season, but Netflix is not confirming this. Here’s what we know.

Let’s run through a quick history of Slasher as it’s a little complicated.

Shaftesbury Films created the Canadian horror anthology series. The first season aired on Super Channel (CA) and Chiller (US). Both seasons 2 and 3 were aired exclusively by Netflix after both of those channels failed to materialize.

This was before Kew Media Group went bankrupt last year. Many titles in its library were also lost, including Slasher. That was eventually reversed and although we never got the full details, it’s clear the rights now belonged to someone who was willing to license back to Netflix.

Every season tells a story with a new villain.

Season 1 was titled The Executioner and season 2 Guilty Party. Season 3 is Solstice, which debuted on Netflix May 2019.

With all that complicated licensing issues, it had been thought that season 4 wouldn’t be possible. This seems to be changing.

We know what season 4 of Slasher is like

ProductionWeekly posted the listing for Slasher season 4, in their October 19th edition. The listing reveals some details about any fourth season.

Season 4 will keep its anthology series naming convention. The new season will be called “Reunion” but no additional plot points have been revealed.

We could see some of the villains from the past series returning for a reunion, if we had to guess.

The series' provisional filming dates are also listed. Filming will begin next week, according to the current schedule (at time of publication), from October 26th 2020 to February 11th 2021. Toronto is the location of filming.

Is season 4 of Slasher available on Netflix?

Here’s the big question, will Netflix carry season 4. Netflix wasn't listed with the production posting. However, Netflix would be licensing out its content to Netflix Original.

The truth is, we don’t truly know whether season 4 will be on Netflix worldwide until we hear an official announcement which we hope to in the near future.

Smart money, however, would be on Slasher season 4 be on Netflix in late 2021.

Beyond Slasher, Netflix also has a wide ranger of other movies and TV series in the slasher genre which we’ve listed for Halloween 2020 here.

Do you look forward to another Slasher season on Netflix? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.


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