Squid Game | Ending Explained & Season 2 Theories

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Squid Game is a battle royale game run by a perverted collection of filthy wealthy individuals with nothing better to do with their money. So, this group of wealthy friends constructs different buildings around the world somewhere hidden on an island where they can hide their sick pastime activity from the public.

Squid Game | Ending Explained


This game is not limited to South Korea only because in Ep 7, when the V.I.P.S arrive, they mention how the games have been going in different countries. They were here to attend the finale of the game occurring in Korea. This game has been going on since the 90s as we can see loads of databases the cop Joon Ho finds in the building while spying around. Every year, one player wins this game at the expense of all the other participants' lives. They were briefly going over the idea of the game. This group recruits desperate, poor, and needy people drowning in debt and, at the end of their rope, convinces them to play the game by showing them the massive prize of $45.6 billion.

This organization gives itself an edge and tries to make itself not responsible for the killings of all the people involved by giving the players full permission to participate or not. They even include a clause that lets them leave the game if the majority of the players agree not to continue the game. The players of 2021 shown in this series do so initially, only to find out that the real world is also torturous, so they'd rather play the game. The players come back, which also shows how intense humans' greed for money is. But as the old saying goes, "Greed is a curse." That's how the game proves to be for all of these players--- a curse.


Long story short, through many traumatizing challenges and watching his friends die, but by the end, he realizes that no amount of money is better than human life. He would rather have his friends back and live with no money. And that's how he spends his life. There's a one-year time leap after winning the game. Even after winning all that money, we see that he never used anything from it as he can't bring himself to use this money he won after the death of all those people. Regret kills him every day until one day he receives a card from the game organization once again. He goes to the location mentioned on the card only to find out the biggest secret that one of his friends made in the game, Player 001. The older man was one of the founding members of the game and the mastermind behind all this. He had called Gi Hoon to ask why he hasn't been using the money. There were multiple instances during the series which show how this older man was a V.I.P. all along. He is nowhere to be found when a fight breaks out among the players in the middle of the night.

When he calls for it to stop standing on top of the mattresses, the *Front Man, the man in the black mask, asks for the lights to be turned on and the fight to be stopped. Then it is hinted multiple times that a V.I.P is in this place too who has the golden owl mask, but it's never shown where he is. When the other V.I.P.S arrive, they also ask where the V.I.P of this place is, and the *Front Man gives an excuse about it. Also, in the marbles game, they don't specifically show the older man getting shot. We only hear a bullet being fired. Anyways, coming back to the present. The older man is dying, and he presents flimsy explanations for why the game exists in the first place, how he does it for fun. He mentions that he wished to play the games he used to play with his friends back in his childhood again before dying. That's why he enters the game himself, as it's more entertaining for him than only watching the game.


Also, he tries to justify himself by saying that no one in the world cares for the poor and that by conducting this game, they're somehow helping the poor. The older man and Gi Hoon make a bet on a drunken guy on the street if someone will help him or not before midnight. Gi Hoon wins because a woman brings the cops with her to help this man, proving the older man and his stupid reasons for doing these twisted games wrong. There are people still in this world that do care, and humanity is not entirely dead. Gi Hoon believes that this is the end of it because Gi Hoon doesn't know the scale of this game.

We know about all these internal secrets because of the cop Joon Ho who secretly enters the building and spy there. But Gi Hoon still has no idea. By the end, Gi Hoon fulfills the wishes of his dead friends by helping their loved ones, and when he's about to leave the country to meet his daughter, he notices someone else being approached by the game. He rushes to them, but the guy who invites the people to the game escapes before he reaches there. I believe this guy who invites these people to the game is only doing this job without knowing about the whole game. His career is only limited to asking people. He has no particular idea about the gravity of this game. That's why I believe he isn't playing a preeminent role in the overall story. Gi Hoon takes the card from the needy man and forbids him ever to play this stupid game. Gi Hoon decides to leave the country, but he can't leave everything behind after knowing that the game continues. He turns around and calls the number on the card and warns the game that he won't let them continue with this all. Gi Hoon is determined to get to the bottom of all this, and the series end here.

Squid Game | Season 2 Theories


We can call this a conclusion and go on, knowing that these heinous games will continue as long as perverted rich people and greedy individuals are willing to kill for money. Also, we can think that Gi Hoon will start his investigation and somehow and someday get to end this organization. But there are countless possibilities for Season 2. The creators can extend the series quickly. I believe the 2nd Season could focus more on the First Man. Maybe they can show how the *Frontman won the game himself and his back story, how this first man became the first man, and how he is ahead now. One of my theories is that the players who win are allowed to head the other games in different locations as more such games are happening worldwide. But Gi Hoon was never approached, so there might be some other criteria to head the games. I believe there's a possibility that the cop Joon Ho is still alive.

After all, he was *Front Man's brother. The first man shot him in the shoulder on purpose to save him later and demonstrate to the employees that he was on their side. The *Front man's betrayal of this whole game will help Gi Hoon fight this organization. Also, the cop's phone still has those video proofs. The phone can still be discovered, and the data in it can be retrieved, revealing the ugly secrets of this place. That was it for this video—comment below with your theories for Season 2. I would love to hear your views.


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