‘Squid Game’ Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled Yet?

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Hwang Donghyuk directed and wrote Squid Game. This South Korean Netlfix Original thriller is one our favorites from South Korea, since Kingdom or Crash Landing on You.

It is an homage to Netflix's expanding investment in South Korea that has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars invested into Korean TV shows and movies.

Netflix has renewed Squid Game's second season.

Netflix Official Renewal Status Pending (Last Modified: 10/11/2021).

While we were aware that Squid Game was likely to be a hit, it wasn't our expectation for the K-Drama series to grow into the global phenomenon it is. Squid Game, which has amassed a huge audience of hundreds of millions, is Netflix's greatest Original.

With the success of this series, there has been a lot speculation regarding its future.

Hwang Donghyuk is the creator of Squid Game. Many have reached him to express their gratitude for the show's success. Variety asked Donghyuk how satisfied he was with the show's success. However, he admitted that he had been hesitant to jump back in to the project because of how difficult and lengthy the production process.

Dong Hyuk is adamant that the cogs of Dong-hyuk have been turning. He recently said that he had a simple storyline in his mind for season 2. AP News reports that Hwang Donghyuk said that season two will be happening someday at a Neuehouse Hollywood screening.

Netflix is not legally renewing Squid Game, despite some very positive remarks from its creator. Netflix spokeswoman said that there are talks about another season. However, nothing has been confirmed.

Worldwide phenomenon

Squid Game's huge success, we are shocked that Netflix has not reached Hwang Donghyuk to explore potential negotiations for renewal.

Squid Game has been trending in the top ten lists for 94 countries. Squid Game topped the list in 83 countries, with 80 being the most popular.

Squid Game 2 season: What are our expectations?

Is the Frontman a failure?

Detective Hwang Joon Ho who was looking for his missing brother, had to face the horrifying truth about the identity of the Frontman. Hwang JoonHo, who was unable send any evidence about the games back to police, was confronted and revealed his identity as Hwang In ho, Joon's missing brother. In-Ho, refusing to cooperate, shot Joon Ho. His little brother fell off the cliff.

In Ho has been shaken by the actions of his brother and is now haunted. This could cause massive repercussions for his later games.

In Ho's role as Frontman is strategic. He can sabotage all the operations if the VIPs turn against him.

JoonHo may also have survived, as Squid Game tracks the television troupe of characters that are thought to have died on-screen but are not actually dead.

Gi-Hon Infiltrates/Sabotages the games?

Gi-Hon had been traumatized by his experience in games and was now on the road of recovery. He finally began to move on with his family's lives. Gi-Hon witnessed, to his horror, the exact same salesman who recruited him to try to recruit another potential game candidate.

While he could not confront the game recruiter he was able take away the card from his new client. Gi-Hon reached out to the Frontman by calling the number printed on the card. He confirmed that he was being monitored by the organisation. Gi-Hon refuses to board the plane to take him to visit his daughter. He instead flees, insinuating heavily that he wants revenge on those responsible.

Gi-Hon can afford the money and has the desire to exact revenge on those responsible. Gi-Hon may not be the only survivor. There have been winners of the game for decades. If Gi-Hon can locate any other like-minded victims they might be in a position to pool their funds and figure out a way to penetrate the areas where the games take places.

What is the Identity of the VIPs?

The face reveal by one of the VIPs of the game has been seen so far. This almost meant that JoonHo would be able to get evidence from the mainland.

These games couldn't have been made possible without the help of the VIPs. This means that if the VIPs can be removed, the games can also be stopped. Gi-Hun has learned of the existence the VIPs through Il Nam, who revealed that the games were just a means of escape for Il Nam and his wealth friends. Gi-Hun could be able identify Il Nam's associates, and possibly target them.

Is there a second season of Squid Game on Netflix?

Hwang Donghyuk made some interesting comments about the possibility of a second Squid Game series on Netflix in years.

The director, as we mentioned above is reluctant to make a return to Squid Game unless he has the support of experienced directors and a good writing area. He's also reluctant to be back in the series as soon as it finishes, as he plans to continue working on feature films such as KO Club. (Killing Old Men Club). This is a premise he's currently drafting.

Even with help, we could be years away from another season of Squid Game.

Are you interested in a second series of Squid Game? Comment below for your thoughts!


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