‘Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales’ Removed From App Stores; Headed to Netflix Games Exclusively

Review Ethan / 2023-02-25 07:15:31

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store recently. The game is being redesigned and will be available exclusively on Netflix Games.

Next Games developed the puzzle game Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales. Netflix is currently in the process to purchase it. It has been available for free until now, but it is supported by in-app purchase.

According to Next Games, the game will be removed from the app and reset. A new version of the game will arrive in the fourth quarter 2020. That means any existing players of the game (who may have spent hundreds within the app) will soon see their progress deleted as the game moves to Netflix where there won’t be in-app purchases.

Puzzle Tales shutting Down: Why are Stranger Things?

The game featured a notice in recent days confirming that it’ll be removed from the app store although if you’re an existing player, the game will not be going offline (but you need to keep it on your device) for a few months at least.

This is the notice in the app:

“We have had many exciting adventures with you around Hawkins, and later this year, those adventures will be bigger than ever – because Stranger Things Puzzle Tales is moving to Netflix exclusively in late 2022!

In order for us to prepare for this move, we will be making some changes to the current live game.”

These changes are:

“- In-app purchases will be turned off.
– The game will no longer be available to download via the app stores.
– We will add free items, Goo and Radios to the shop and the premium Task Pass will be available to all (restarting May 20th) to help you advance in the game in the absence of in-app purchases.”

It’s worth noting, however, the game is set to go offline for existing players on August 15th, 2022 with them noting that there will be “no more updates to the current version of the game” but insists there will still be “player support.”

It has caused controversy to say the very least. One commenter said:

“This news really sucks for those that spent so much time and money and advanced far into the game, but maybe now since it requires a Netflix subscription and no in-app purchases or ads, maybe it won’t be so hard to get items and level up characters. Also, now we know how best to advance, what characters are best to level up first, and we can correct any mistakes we made previously. Depending on what changes they make, I may still play or just cut my losses.”

According to support articles, existing players will be eligible to receive a Puzzle Tales progression pack once the game is relaunched by filling in a form.

Netflix currently hosts 18 games on mobile devices, excluding interactive specials. The initiative was launched in November 2022. This number is expected to rise to 50 by 2022.

Netflix Games has several Stranger Things games that are available to subscribers for no cost. They’ve got Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game (both developed by BonusXP) available on the platform.

Did you find it disappointing that Netflix and Next Games have switched the game to Netflix Games? Comment below.

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