‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Promo Teased For Later This Week

Review Ethan / 2022-09-08 20:29:46

We’ve had a dry spell of Stranger Things news from Netflix over the past few months with the last major set of announcements for the show coming last November. That’s about to change, however with a some season 4 promos teased for later this week (anytime between February 1st and February 4th.

Noah Schnapp announced via Instagram on January 31st that there would be more promotional material released this week. The picture was of Schnapp taking a picture of his TV with the season 1 poster (which we’ve used above) displaying. It’s captioned:

“S4 promo this week…

here we go again”

It is known that promotion of some kind is happening this week. However, it is not clear what exactly it will entail.

You can see a screen capture of Noah Schnapp’s Instagram story below:

stranger things promo tease noah schnapp

So far, we’ve had numerous promotions over the past few years including numerous teaser releases in 2021. The most recent teasers came on November 6th with the release of the title teaser video and the “Welcome to the California” teaser trailer which represents the fourth and supposedly final teasers.

Let's speculate about the future this week.

  • Official stills of the new season. To date, beyond screen captures of the teasers, we’ve had no official pictures.
  • Premiere trailer
  • Date of release
  • Another suggestion?

It’s worth noting that the Netflix UK and Ireland Twitter account teased some major news coming this week last Friday. This promo could it possibly be? One of their most common questions will be answered. Could this be referring to the question “when will Stranger Things season 4 be out?” we’ll have to wait and see.

Fans have noted that the Super Bowl will be happening on the 13th of February. Netflix may save a major date for Stranger Things.

Numerous updates to Stranger Things' official sites have occurred in recent weeks. Last week we discovered a bug on the Stranger Things Media page. This is where journalists like us can get photos and information about future shows. We were told quickly that the glitch claimed that new episodes would be released monthly, but this has been corrected.

Are you looking forward to the Stranger Things Season 4 tease for this week? Comment below.


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