Studio Ghibli’s ‘Spirited Away’ is Coming to Netflix March 2020

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Anime fans were thrilled to hear that Studio Ghibli's films would be coming to Netflix in January. Then it was announced that the 21 films coming to Netflix would be split across three separate release dates, one of the first questions many would have had on their mind is “when is Spirited Away coming to Netflix?”.  You won’t have to wait long as the critically acclaimed Spirited Away arrives in March.

Studio Ghibli's animated film Spirited Away has been critically acclaimed. It was directed by Hayao Mikazaki. Bringing 0ver $347 million worldwide at the box office, Spirited Away is the second-highest-grossing anime film of all time.

Chihiro Ogino, 10, and her parents make a wrong turn as they travel to Japan. They find an abandoned amusement park. Chihiro's parents become pigs when they eat from an abandoned restaurant. Chihiro has no other choice than to look for work. She forms a contract and works with Yubaba the local witch who runs the bath house. Chihiro signed her name off as part of the contract. The only way to escape the bizarre world of spirits, demons and gods that surrounds her is to end the contract and remember her name.

What time is Spirited Away due to Netflix?

Subscribers won’t have to wait long now until Spirited Away arrives on Netflix. Spirited Away will be available on Netflix along with six more Studio Ghibli titles, starting March 1, 2020.

All the studio Ghibli titles coming to Netflix won’t be available to stream in the US, Canada, and Japan.

Are there any places where Spirited Away can be streamed in the US

At the time of writing Spirited Away doesn’t have a streaming home in the US, but it will have soon.

All Studio Ghibli titles, including the originals, will stream live on HBO Max's streaming service. It is expected to launch in May.

There’s confirmation where the Studio Ghibli films will be going to in Canada, but as Crave is the service that streams content from HBO it would be safe to assume that the films will eventually be available to stream on the platform.

Spirited Away was a huge success!

Spirited Away has been praised both critically and commercially. It is undoubtedly the greatest anime movie of all time. Studio Ghibli had already been a highly respected animation studio but Spirited Away blew it away.

Spirited Away, the most-reviewed anime movie of all time, was released before Your Name's release in 2016. The title of highest-grossing Japanese movie is still held by the former 19 years later.

Spirited Away is still the most-grossing anime, even if we do it wrong and match inflation.

Film Box Office Figures Adjusted for Inflation in 2020
Spirited Away (2001) $347,742,810 $516,516,668.17
Your Name (2016) $359,889,749 $388,168,901.64

Spirited Away, despite its commercial success, won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at The 75th Academy Awards.

Spirited Away won 34 awards between 2001-2004.

Spirited Away's legacy can be still felt today. Across the years Studio Ghibli’s most famous film has been acknowledged as one of the best of the 21st century by various different outlets.

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