When will ‘Superstore’ Season 6 be on Netflix?

Coming Soon Ethan / 2021-11-26 08:02:00

Netflix International was treated earlier in 2021 to most of the seasons of Superstore, the hit NBC comedy. While the US has finished airing its sixth and final season, what time will Superstore international premiere on Netflix? Let's look.

Justin Spitzer has created the NBC comedy. The show features America Ferrera (Ben Feldman), Lauren Ash (Colton Dunn) and Lauren Ash (America Ferrera).

Superstore ended its last season with the final 15 episodes. The series aired on October 20, 2020.

Netflix Australia, Canada (seasons 1-5), the United Kingdom and Sweden (seasons 1-4), South Africa (January 2021)

It is not easy to forecast the Superstore's release dates. NBC shows are usually licensed by Netflix right from the start. However, in this case all five seasons were released simultaneously.

You can take a look at Netflix's other NBC-produced show for some guidance. The new season is added approximately one year after each episode is released. It is often just prior to the airing of the latest season or immediately thereafter.

For most regions, our best guess is that Superstore season 6 will arrive in January 2022. It is the year following they license seasons 1-5 ..

Thanks to an update from Netflix UK's app, we now know that Superstore season 6 will arrive on December 15. Stay tuned for more information as we receive it.

Will Superstore be on Netflix in the US?
If you're from the United States, don't expect Superstore to be available there. NBC is keeping most of their latest hits off Netflix. The Good Place was the last major title. They instead choose to have them on Hulu, or Peacock. This is due to pre-existing agreements.

While Netflix may license the series, there are strong reasons to do so by NBC (given the show a massive boost in popularity), it is highly unlikely.

Is Superstore ending its run on Netflix? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.


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