‘The Big Show Show’ Season 2: Canceled at Netflix but Christmas Special Inbound

Review Ethan / 2023-01-23 19:17:13

After a single season, an upcoming Christmas special, and a big role in Netflix’s big summer crossover event, The Big Show Show will not be returning for a full season two at Netflix. Here’s what we know about the cancelation.

The Big Show Show, a Netflix Original series is the second to be produced by a WWE-Netflix partnership. The Big Show's larger-than-life wrestling personality, Paul Donald Wight II stars in the series. The 7-foot tall, hulking figure towers above his daughters as fish out of water humor.

The Big Show's teenage daughter moves in with his wife and the two other daughters. He quickly finds himself outnumbered and outsmarted. He is a tall, 400-pound man who doesn't seem to be the focal point of attention despite being seven feet tall.

Netflix renews The Big Show Show Season 2

Official Netflix Renewal Status - Canceled, but with an additional Christmas Special (Last Updated 09/01/2020).

We’re a few months on since the release of the first season of The Big Show Show and we’ve learned that it will not be returning for season two but it’s not quite the end, though.

It was revealed that The Big Show Show would be continuing indefinitely with two more episodes. The first episode was secretly teased as Game On: A Crossover event, which was released August 10, 2020.

Variety confirmed that The Big Show Show would air a Christmas episode in September 2020. However, the show would not be returning for its full second season.

Jason Berger, who was the co-showrunner of the cancelled series shared his views on the matter.


The Big Show Show cast and crew had stated their belief that The Big Show Show would be renewed for another season, even though the show was cancelled.

This sitcom joins an extensive list that Netflix has cancelled.

Was the story worth a second season of production?

The Big Show came within a few hours of leaving retirement to go back on the road again with WWE. Big Show saw the reality of his life without his wife and realized that he wanted to spend time with his children.

You can put the characters in awkward situations, just like any other sitcom. The series centers on the wrestler but a large portion of the story revolves around his three daughters, Lola and Emma.

It would be great to have more appearances by old WWE stars in the second season.

Ironically, the same day The Big Show Show was released, and despite him choosing to not return to WWE in the series, that didn’t stop the Big Show from appearing on Monday Night Raw, competing for the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre.

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