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What is The Billion Dollar Code the series, not the actual code? We'll talk about it. Only four episodes, so it didn't take me too long. Is this a series that's worth a watch? Let's do it.

Overview of The Billion Dollar Code


So, based on actual events, this miniseries tells an incredible story of two german computer pioneers who go to court for their rights as inventors of the google earth algorithm in a battle against a seemingly invincible opponent from the hacker scene in post-reunification Berlin in the 1990s to the romantic world of early silicon valley and the harsh reality of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

The Billion Dollar Code tells of a great friendship, loyalty, and the question of justice in the digital age, or at least the beginning of the digital age. And first of all, this takes place in the 1990s. It's cool because you're getting that period piece feel. But it also includes flashbacks within the flashback that I thought were stylistically thrown in. It almost reminded me of the tom cruise movie American made, how he would get those montages a little voice-over over the top, even though there is not as much narration in this show. Still, just the way those are thrown is excellent.


And it's, at its core, like the summary says, a story about a friendship. Now, you automatically think the steve jobs, Wozniak, that dynamic, kind ofa little bit of what we've gotten in films before. But the ultimate movie that comes to mind is just the first episode. I saidit's like the social network a little bit, right? It's these smaller individuals going against the machine, the large companies running over the little guy in an unethical way. And they are fighting against this corporation and going up against a giant enemy. As you hear the horns in the background.

Review of The Billion Dollar Code


But anytime I see a series like this, it's always interesting to see how far these characters will go to get this victory, their intellectual property. And the design of all of this, seeing the early days of that process, all of these individuals so confident in what they believe they're bringing to the table. And again, all of this, a lot of it comes in flashback form, but cutting back and forth and seeing this friendship grow, and some things that come with that. And you could probably guess, but again, this is based on a true story, a true story that I had no idea of. And the idea that these two have to do everything they do, go to court for their rights as inventors of the google earth algorithm, is not only ridiculous, but it's a fascinating thing to turn into a television show. I thought this was such a brilliant idea. And then the construction, right? You have four episodes, and I'll be honest, I'll get into my criticisms here in just a second. I think it could have even been shorter. Maybe it would have worked better as a movie, but you have that entire time to flesh out this story goes into the details of it all.


Those that are lying, those that are kind of on their side through the process, and just the back and forth that they have with each other, against other people, as a team, and to see that process play out. I found this show to be exciting. And to say it's a little bit drawn out because it's only four episodes, one of the shortest shows I've watched all year. But it does feel as if some moments and scenes could have been shortened or sped through just a little more than they were to make for an even shorter, limited series or, like I said, a movie. But the idea of giving this series that time to flesh out these characters and this idea, and just getting the audience in on the way they think because it's very different from what we're used to.



I enjoyed it. I had a good time with it. And, it was a very easy binge for me. And don't worry, if you think the characters themselves and all of the fleshing out that they should get is going to get lost in all of the analytical talks and building up with their project. What they have to go through to get those rights back, it's never really lost. There were moments where I was trying to figure out what they were talking about. Okay, that's what it is. We move onwith a friendship. That's the essential part of this show. That's what gets us through from episode one to episode four. And to see how this plays out, again, true story, really fascinating. So are you watching this german series on Netflix? Did you guys enjoy this video? If you did, drop your thumbs up down below. We'll do more Netflix reviews. The Billion Dollar Code uses a slick style and solid writing to tell a story that deserves to be told. I'm going an 80 for this limited series. I, I like movies like this, obviously with the references that I mentioned earlier. But shows that have enough time to tell these true stories, they're fascinating. I thought the cast did a good job. And again, the style is excellent. So what are you guys watching on Netflix this weekend? Did you enjoy this show?


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