The CW’s ‘Life Sentence’ Coming to Netflix in June/July

Review Ethan / 2023-03-23 09:19:51

Season 1 of The CW’s Life Sentance will be almost certainly coming to Netflix in June or July 2019 at least in the United States. Here are the full details of the show including its release schedule and whether or not it’s coming to other Netflix regions too.

This new series, created by Scrubs creator Lucy Hale, sees Stella (played here) find out she has cancer and then years later discover that she can be cured. The verdict leaves Stella and her family with heavy emotional baggage.

The show is what you’d expect from a teen comedy-drama from The CW so if you like Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this should already be on your radar.

The CW will air new episodes on Wednesdays. They began airing on March 7, and are due to conclude on June 15, on The CW.

A 2016 deal means that Netflix will now get CW titles before its official release date. The deal allows Netflix to add new series from The CW approximately one week after the originals have finished airing.

That means we’re expecting season 1 of Life Sentance to drop on Netflix in late June or early July 2018.

For those in other countries, they will need to wait until October before finding out if the show is available. Shows from the network, unlike the US are handled on an individual basis.

Is there a second season?

As of right now, there’s no season 2 planned and there has been rumblings that the show wouldn’t get renewed for a second series. The ratings for the show hasn’t fared well so far this season which is probably why The CW moved its airtime.

You can expect the renewal to be available on Netflix in 2017.

Do you look forward to season 1 of Life Sentence? We'd love to hear from you down below. Check out this exclusive guide for a complete list of The CW titles that will be available on Netflix.


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