‘The Decameron’ from ‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’ Team In Development at Netflix

Review Ethan / 2023-01-24 10:18:34

According to reports, Netflix is currently developing a new series by Tilted Productions. It is being led by Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann. Kathleen Jordan is reportedly on board to write the project who is behind Netflix’s comedy series, Teenage Bounty Hunters.

Details are extremely slim and it’s unclear whether the show has received a series order as of the time of publishing. It is described as an historical period piece that takes place in 1350, during the Black Plague outbreak in the Italian countryside. The series will follow two groups which is described as an “upstairs/downstairs component” with characters swapping between the two groups throughout.

The show is described as similar to Netflix’s Bridgerton but “cheekier and pokes fun of itself”.

Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron is an assortment of novellas that contains 100 stories about men and women who hide in isolated villas outside Florence. These tales are spread over a period of 10 days. Throughout the outbreak of coronavirus, many people mentioned novellas.

Kathleen Jordan, who was behind Teenage Bounty Hunters and where she also served as showrunner and executive producer, is now set to produce and write the project. Jordan also appeared on American Princess, Hack My Life and other projects.

Kathleen Jordan Instagram

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Tilted Productions has been working on Worn Stories since its last release last year. Jenji Kohan is the head of this production company, along with long-term colleagues Tara Herrmann (and Blake McCormick).

Although there are many shows available on Netflix, Titled is behind none of them that could match Orange Is the New Black's success. Jenji Kohan signed a Netflix overall agreement in November 2017, almost five years ago.

GLOW, which they produced for Netflix after OITNB, was unfortunately cut short after three seasons. Teenage Bounty Killers was also canceled after one season. Social Distance lasted for just one season. The production company also produced American Princess and Weeds before Netlfix.

We’ll have more on The Decameron as and when we get it.


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